Amazing Spider-Man 674

Posted by bulletproofsponge 18 November 2011

Before starting the review, I must say that, due to the awesomeness of the last few issues, this one, although perfectly good in itself, may seem a little shallow at first. Nonetheless, Dan Slott has been doing a pretty good job so far. As such, I won't be making any judgments just yet. 

The Story
Taking place immediately after Spider-Island, police and other local authorities are busy looking out for signs of Spiders crawling about. Tons of people are rushing into the city in hope that they can gain some Spider powers. Among them is a young goth - Mitchel. He has obviously come to the city in hope to gain some powers. When a fellow goth youth spots him, he is offered a chance to be able to fly.

We later find out that there have been cases of young goth teens 'committing suicide,' falling from great heights all over the city. Carlie, is the only officer who believes it is more than suicide.

In my favorite few scenes of the issue, we see Spider-Man, also working a case - a string of high rise burglaries. As such, he has a suspicion that he did not cure everybody during Spider-Island. While investigating, he gets caught by a number of the upgraded Anti Spider Squad members.

Thinking Spider-Man guilty for a dead body he was standing over, they attack him. Thanks to his spider-sense however, he is able to dodge every single attack. Spidey eventually leaves the scene as the cops turn up and chase him away.

Elsewhere, the King-Pin is being offered the designs for the spider sense jammers by an inside man from Horizon Labs.

Coming back to Mitchel, he has been given a set of Vulture wings to help him fly. He and his other new friends rob a penthouse and later proceed to meet the boss.

Peter and Carlie later bump into one another at a coffee shop. They realize that they are pretty much working the same case, and decide to team up to get it done.

That night, at the Spider-Island club - where people have been celebrating the end of Spider-Island, we see MJ partying away. That same club also seems to be the base of Flying goths where the original Vulture resides.

As I said in the beginning, my expectation levels have been greatly increased after Spider-Island. Nonetheless, this was a great issue. It sets the bases for what could be a very good story as well. I think it's not a bad idea for Spidey and Carlie to team up. The two could end up having a very good Batman/ Detective Gordon relationship - which is fine by me.

While some people liked to see MJ back to her old partying self, there really wasn't anything that great about the scene to me. I thought it was a minor scene and was surprised by the attention that scene gained from fans.

The art, was pretty good as well, though I think I am a bigger fan of Ramos' art. While most of the drawing here were pretty good, the art for the goth kids just didn't do it for me.

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