Avenging Spider-Man # 1

Posted by Combustible Pumpkins 16 November 2011

Spidey quips about Kool-Aid and J. Jonah Jameson scorns "Jog-Hippies" yearning for real bullets in his marathon gun.

~The Story~

Spider-Man after taking down a building-sized robot with The Avengers realizes he's late for his day job back at Horizon Labs. He asks for a lift and not one of them are up for the task except for Red Hulk who begrudgingly grabs Spidey and leaps toward the city. Meanwhile, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson while hosting a NYC marathon is besieged by Mole Man's subterranean minions. Spidey and Rulk arrive but before they can prevent Jameson's capture, one of Mole Man's mammoth creatures coming up from underneath them, breaking the ground, swallows the two heroes, and seemingly paralyzes them with some neurotoxic saliva. Jonah is hauled underground and brought before Mole Man himself, but only to find out Moley has been under attack, hence the reason for his bewildered minions bringing NYC's Mayor, JJJ, down there. The last panel reveals in a splash page Mole Man chained by the neck by the new villains.


Does my story description seem a little short? Well, that's because this issue was basically driven by the art, not the story. Thus, not much story here. Something I tend to dislike when this happens in comics, but in Joe Madureira's case this is very, very forgivable. Joe's return to comics (from his two or three year hiatus) is absolutely wonderful. His style is a refreshing blend of anime and superhero art. His Spidey stances in particular are kinetic, and uniquely engaging and intriguing. Perhaps this is why Zeb Wells lets Joe Mad do the heavy lifting. Wells does write J. Jonah Jameson spot on keeping him wonderfully rude, hilarious, and self-indignant, basically keeping JJJ entertainingly in character.

Overall this was a light and fun read. Spidey's interactions with Rulk and the rest of The Avengers is funny. It's apparent that most of the other Avengers find Spidey annoying and Madureira's facial expressions capture this well. This issue is worth buying for the art alone, but if the storyboarding remains this light then I don't expect this series to be one of Marvel's top sellers and won't make it past twelve issues.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Spidey Webs.

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