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Posted by Jesse 17 November 2011


Setup: Behold the Watcher

Two guys in space suits infiltrate the Watcher’s domain and attempt to extract his memories / visions, which brings us to…

Story 1: Nova Harbinger

The superhero know as Nova tries to warn Terrax that his planet is about to be destroyed but, Terrax refuses to believe and instead fights Nova, until it’s too late and the Phoenix annihilates the planet, thus disentigrating Terrax. All that remains is his war staff and a small plant life suddenly emerges from the ground.

Story 2: Age of Apocolypse: the Myth of Man

A man is telling his son about how he helped rid their world of humans making it safe for mutants. The boy asks about the last human called the red prophet but his dad tells him that he defeated him on his own using his seismic powers. Surprisingly the prophet comes back to finish the job. The father and the prophet do battle again and only this time, the father doesn’t come out alive. The prophet goes to a rendezous point where the rest of his team is waiting. They briefly discuss their mission: to bring back humans from near extinction, they call them selves the “X-Terminated”.

Back at the watcher’s lair, the two guys are discussing whether those events were current or from the future and are able to determine that, there is no way to know for sure. One guy continues looking into the stream and sees…

Story 3: Scarlet Spider: the Scarlet Thread

Charlotte, North Carolina. Just four days after “Spider-Island”. A man wearing a blue hoodie sets foot for his destination. He plans to board a train and travel to mexico to escape his reputation, and to start a new. That is until he hears a bank robbery in progress and decides, to leave it be.

While on the train, the man goes through some deep soul searching, describing his past and questioning his future, but before it’s too late he emerges from the train having a change of heart and meets with the bank robbers head on. He takes them out menacingly, remarking how natural it would be for him to kill them but he manages to spare their lives. He is..was a monster, but now he is what he chooses to be, a new man, in full control of his destiny. He’s not Peter Parker, He’s not even Ben Reilly. His name is Kaine, the Scarlet Spider.

Story 4: Coldmoon and Dragonfire: Yin and Yang

A sister and brother describe each others strange upbringing and how they were led to believe each other was dead until the fateful day they learned that they were being exploited as a biological weapon. They escape their oppressors and show up helping the Avengers fight off AIM
bots. Together they seek to save humanity from evil alien technology, using their powers of fire
and ice.

Story 5: Doctor Strange: The Shaman of Greenwhich Village

Another day in the life of Dr Strange, as he encounters a man who is suffering from mental delusions thus he proceeds to enter his mind. What he finds is a very bizarre experience that leaves him unconscious and bleeding from the nose.

Story 6: The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Robotic looking aliens are floating above the city, whilst down below, two man scramble. One guy goes after a brief case while the other screams to the sky “we already paid. “

Nearby Spider-Man and Hawkeye bust out of the front door of a building and Hawkeye proceeds to shoot one of the robotic like entities. However, the beings shoot what may best be described as light energy of mass proportion, down at the city causing extreme devastation. Hawkeye and Spidey make a run for it as Hawk’s arrow/s explodes sending one of the robo aliens crashing down, presumably dead.

Back at the watcher’s lair, they discuss what they just saw and commence to make their exit having successfully gathered the info they came for. They mention someone or something referred to as the “unseen” and how it will kill the watcher, and thus revealing his secrets to them.

Thoughts: Whewwww, what an exhausting read. Between the outer space sci fi babble and characters and places I’ve never seen or heard of I couldn’t help but feel a little dizzy, switch from one strange tale to the next. So what should you take away from all this? New titles, new characters and new stories are coming up.

This is basically 1 big ad for the Defenders, Uncanny X-force Prelude to Age of Apocalypse, Avengers # 19, and of corse Scarlet Spider# 1.

Also on the horizon, a new team called Yin and Yang will appear somewhere, also a new Nova, and something is going to try and kill the Watcher. Did you get all that?

Do any of these featuers have anything in common? No not really. Some of the same characters appear but that’s to be expected. So if you were looking for any crossover events you won’t find them here. As for the stories themselves they are just the tip of the ice berg of whats to come so I can’t really judge them too harshly.

Having said that im am excited about the upcoming Age of Apocalypse. Spider fans though need only concern themselves with one thing. I am definitely looking forward to reading Kaine’s travel log in the new Scarlet Spider ongoing series, which I will be reviewing on this very website so stay tuned, but from the couple pages of Kaine’s story I could feel the the tension and drama building.

He’s a darker and more heart heavy version of Spider-Man and I’m interested to see Kaine’s new direction as he struggles to find hope and happiness while controlling his violent urges and overcoming a tragic past. The potential is there for strong stories, and who knows maybe even a special cameo from everyones favorite clone.

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