New Avengers V.2 # 16.1

Posted by bulletproofsponge 17 November 2011

New Avengers 16.1
This issue takes place between New Avengers 16 and 17 ( obviously). It kind of draws a bridge between the two issues since they really don't make sense if you read them one after the other.

It starts with an insane Norman Osborn, sitting in prison, talking, or rather being talked to by his alter ego - Green Goblin. Back at the Avenger's Mansion the New Avengers are busy having a meal, chatting and having fun. Victoria Hand spoils the party though by bringing some bad news of Osborn being transferred. Apparently Captain America wants their team to escort him out.

It all starts off well with The Thing and Luke Cage escorting Osborn out. As expected, a rogue team comes to aid Osborn, setting him free. Fortunately, the Avengers had planned for this as the Osborn that was freed was none other than Dr Strange!

Back at the cell, the real Norman Osborn is being escorted by Wolverine and Jessica Jones.

As they walk out however, Osborn gives word to the guards, who then blast the flesh off of Wolverine's head. Norman Osborn essentially escapes scot-free, and proceeds to meet his army of followers.

In this issue, we actually get to see a fair bit of Spider-Man, who is still clearly, not impressed with Victoria Hand. The "Awesomeness" of Norman Osborn is well portrayed in this comic. He is to some extent a type of Batman or Captain Jack Sparrow who has everything planned and under control.

No doubt, the Avengers had planned for something like that to happen, thus Dr. Strange pretending to be Osborn. Honestly, I thought he got away a little too easily, considering there was a whole team of Avengers escorting him out. The scene where Wolverine gets his head blown up was definitely unexpected. Finally, I have reason to fear for the life of Jessica Jones baby in the near future. In this issue, Norman tells Jessica that he is going to kill her baby. If he can outsmart a whole team of Avengers, there's nothing stopping him from killing a little baby. This could get really interesting..

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