New Avengers V.2 # 17-18

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 29 November 2011

Norman Osborn's free (read New Avengers 16.1) and he's assembled a new team of Dark Avengers.

New Avengers # 17

This issue starts with a fight between Iron Man and a giant Ultimo robot. The New Avengers arrive to help Iron Man. While Wolverine is slicing the robot a spider-like mini bot emerges and takes his blood sample. Ms Marvel follows it but she's unable to reach it.

In the next scene we see that the Ultimo robot was sent by Osborn. We also see The Gorgon and Madame Hydra. It turns out A.I.M and HYDRA have made a pact with H.A.M.M.E.R. to defeat the Avengers. Osborn wants a new armor. Though his plan is thwarted by the Avengers he acquires Wolverine's blood sample. He then orders for Ultimo to blow up.

New Avengers # 18

Osborn is introduced to Viper a.k.a Madama Hydra, The Gorgon, leader of an army of former Hand assassins and Dr. Monica Rappaccini, the Scientist Supreme of A.I.M. The leaders offer their allegiance to H.A.M.M.E.R. After telepathically conversing with Osborn The Gorgon joins the Dark Avengers.

Osborn later recruits his associate, Dr. Covington. He travels to the Brazilian jungle to visits Ai Apaec. He gives Ai a pill which transforms him into a six-armed Spider-Man.He also recruits Barney Barton, Hawkeye's brother, and Hulk's son, Skaar (who doesn't know who Osborn is) into the team. But the most important member of his team turns out to be Thor's cyborg clone Ragnarok. A.I.M presented him to Osborn and promised to fix him with H.A.M.M.E.R.'s financial backing.

The Gorgon as Dark Wolverine, Dr. Covington as Dark Scarlet Witch, Skaar as Dark Hulk, Ai Apaec as Dark Spider-Man, Superia as Dark Ms. Marvel and Trickshot as Dark Hawkeye.


After flashing forwards and backwards in previous issues, looks like, we finally have a good story. I doubt anyone will die in Ultimo explosion but someone might get seriously injured. It's great to see Osborn as the main antagonist of this series. As the criminal organizations have united, it will create some major problems for the Avengers.

The Dark Avengers have returned. It was fun to see how Osborn tried to make psychopaths look like heroes last time. The difference this time is that Osborn has gained experience. And he has some powerful people in his new team like Skaar and Ragnarok.

The only thing I did not like was that there's no Daredevil in the story despite being on the front page.

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