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Posted by bulletproofsponge 18 November 2011

With the first issue of Scarlet Spider being released next year on January 11th, a whole lot of hype is being built among "Kaine" fans. Marvel has been releasing a number of interviews with Chris Yost - writer for Scarlet Spider. I will just summarize it briefly and state the points I find interesting here.

Anyway, this article will be updated as more news comes in with regards to the new Scarlet Spider title.

Who is Kaine?
The Kaine we all know has always been a murderous villain, seeking out his own plans - mostly a cure to his degeneration. He was a failed experiment, meant to be a perfect clone of Peter Parker. He shared no memories of Peters past unlike Ben Reilly ( the second clone ). From the time he was born, Kaine was dying, thus causing plenty of physical and emotional deformities.

At the end of Grim Hunt, Kaine sacrificed his life to save Peter's, proving that there actually was some good in him. He was resurrected as the Tarantula in Spider-Island, but has since been cured of every problem he previously had.

In the Scarlet Spider title, we will see Kaine living a new life, different from the one he previously knew -one mostly away from crime I believe. While his previous goals were to find himself a cure and kill Ben Reilly, he now finds himself with no need for those goals.

In the interview, Yost states that Kaine - naturally being a loner, will find himself in situations where he will have to interact with others and possibly even watch after them. We also find out that he really has no desire to become a hero, much less the Scarlet Spider I suppose. It is his past that comes back to haunt him, forcing him to learn from experiences and realize that life has value.

See full interview about Kaine here:

Kaine's adventures pretty much take place in Houston - an unexplored city. In Point One, Kaine stopped in Houston on his way to Mexico. Apparently he doesn't get out of there..

Unlike new York, Houston doesn't have as many sky scrappers, which limits web slinging. Yost states that Kaine will have to improvise, even to the point of driving and sticking to buses.

See the full interview

Supporting Cast?
There really isn't any existing supporting cast members. All characters that will be introduced will be new. Although Kaine doesn't want to interact with too many people, one thing leads to another and Kaine ends up with a number of "friends." Below is a direct quote from the interview:

..when he saves 16 year old Aracely's life, things get messy. He then meets a doctor at Houston's medical center, bringing him this half-dead girl, and nearly kills a policeman there as well. Kaine makes a memorable first impression on people. Finally, he checks into the Four Seasons hotel, where he meets a bartender/singer named Annabelle. These four people will initially be his supporting cast.  
We are given a hint in the interview about Kaine's love life as there will be a woman later in the story who will appear. We can expect a whole lot of new women troubles with Kaine though, different from the type Peter deals with, mainly due to his complicated past.

Kaine will also be meeting a group of heroes called the Rangers..

See more

As mentioned earlier, Kaine is not into the whole 'hero' business at the start. His main goal is to get out of the country. The first crooks he will go against include some drug dealers, whom he will later rob after beating them up.

There are plans for more serious villains to appear in the future, ( I am pretty sure the Jackal will end up somewhere eventually). However, Kaine will be his own villain, having to fight himself because of his past.

The new Scarler Spider's presence is said to attract more threats to Houston rather than reduce it. Most of the crooks introduced will be new. There will however be some existing villains we are familiar with who will show up.

See the rest of the article:

Costume Designs..
Ryan Stegman, artist for Scarlet Spider was interviewed as well. He stated that he wanted to make the new Scarlet Spider more "arachnid." Kaine in costume is supposed to looks more menacing and intimidating than Spider-Man does.

While the idea of the hoodie came up, it was decided that the hoodie should stay with Ben. Kaine on the other hand is meant to be a dark Spider-Man. Kinda like Knuckles to Sonic the Hedgehog in my opinion.

See more:

Below are some art samples, exclusive to Comic Alliance.

And my favorite among them...

Check out more at Comic Alliance


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