Spider-Island: Spider-girl # 3

Posted by bulletproofsponge 03 November 2011

Before I do a review for the Spider-Island Epilogue - Amazing Spider-Man 673, I thought I'd finish up the Spider-Girl mini first. I know we haven't covered all the titles tied into the Spider-Island event, but this is one title that I'd like to finish.

The Story
The actual plot for this story isn't all that great, as it has been from the start. Spider-Girl finds herself teaming up with her enemies, as advised by Madame Web. With the help of the Hand, now controlled by the King Pin, Spider-Girl takes out as many of the Wasps as she can. Half way through battle however, Madame Web appears again, reminding Spider-Girl that she has to focus and team with the enemy. At this point nothing makes sense, as Spider-Girl is already teaming with her enemy.

It is not until later that she realizes Madame Web meant for her to team with the Wasps to fight/stall the spiders until a cure can be found. Spider-Girl approaches the Wasp All-Mother, who agrees to team up. In the battle, many Spiders are killed, which means that innocent civilians were killed. ( Too bad)

The Swarm eventually backs off. Unfortunately, before Spider-Girl can say her thanks, Hobgoblin seizes the opportunity and kills the All-Mother. Outraged, the King-Pin ( now with six arms and several eyes) almost kills the Hobgoblin, but is stopped by Spider-Girl.

At the end of the issue, everyone is given the cure, including Spider-Girl. In the aftermath, the King Pin (back to normal) expresses his gratitude to Spider-Girl, and keeps his end of the bargain, of protecting her identity. He also suggests that they team up more. Spider-Girl is later seen, swinging through the city, shooting organic webbing.

This whole issue really doesn't make too much sense. It's a simple story, like one you'd find on the kids cartoon channels. I have absolutely no idea how it is that Spider-Girl is able to keep her powers. I believe it might be explained in the future.

The real moral of this story is this:
Little girls have great powers of persuasion. 

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