Venom # 8

Posted by bulletproofsponge 02 November 2011

Venom # 8 - the issue that takes place just before the start of Amazing Spider-Man 672.  Overall a pretty good issue, although story wise, not too much took place.

The Story
It starts with Reed Richards confirming with those at Project: Rebirth that a cure has been found using Anti-Venom's antibodies. The Spider-King, aka Captain America is then injected with a whole lot of fluids that should heal him.

Back at the hospital, Flash and Betty have just witnessed Flash's father's death. Flash appears to be zoned out a little. Betty eventually gets his attention and passes him a letter his father wrote, just in case he never made it to the hospital. Before Flash can read the letter, (well, it isn't stated in black and white that Flash never read it) he gets a call from "work." He has been ordered to terminate The Queen.

Once again, Flash leaves Betty alone at the hospital. He gives her a gun to protect herself in case any "spiders" come in.

Throughout the rest of the issue, we pretty much see Venom getting his ass kicked around by the Queen. As readers we also find out what was written in the letter from Flash's dad. He essentially tells his son sorry for being a lousy father, and that how Flash is a greater man than he was. Most notably, he tells Flash to marry Betty, have a family since love is all that matters. Whether Flash ever read the letter we don't know, but the letter got burnt in a fire during the fight.

Flash is about to be killed when Capt America Steve Rogers appears to save him. Capt doesn't do too well either, who is then saved by Venom who sticks Capt's shield through the Queen. As we see in ASM 672, she dies, but then morphs into a 28-floor high spider.

It's a really simple story, that can really be summed up in a lot less words that I've just written. Once again we see Flash, struggling to juggle between work and his personal life - much like a certain web slinger we know.  Flash's father has noticed this and tried to give some good advice to his son. Unfortunately, I have a gut feeling that Flash never read the letter. As the title continues we'll see what will become of Flash and whether or not he will be able to control his inner demons like his father said he could.

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