Avenging Spider-Man #3 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 19 January 2012

With Red Hulk down, it falls to the unlikely duo of Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson to save the moloids from certain enslavement!  That's right, a Spidey/JJ team up written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by Joe Madureira.  You should have bought this already, unless you have a paralyzing fear of being entertained.  But I'll review it anyway, bulletproofsponge isn't paying me to not review comics.  Come to think of it, he's not paying me at all...

The Story

Spider-Man and Jameson manage to escape Rak'tar and the molons by riding what JJ refers to as a "mole-mule."  When they get back to Subterranea, they quickly begin to argue.  JJ wants to go back to the surface but Spider-Man wants to stay, not wanting to leave Red Hulk and the moloids behind.

Their argument is cut short when Rak'tar and his molons barge in with intent of slaughtering the moloids.  As JJ heads for the surface, Rak'tar offers Spider-Man the chance to leave but Spidey refuses, challenging Rak'tar to fight.

Needless to say, Spidey gets his butt handed to him.  Just as Rak'tar is about to finish him off, Spider-Man grabs a sharp diamond with his webbing and uses it to slice off Rak'tar's pants.  Turns out molons don't wear underwear.  This shames Rak'tar in front of his molons, which according to molon law means that Spidey won the fight.  Recognizing Spider-Man as their superior, he and the molons are able to work out a peace treaty with the moloids.  When Red Hulk comes to, he's amazed at what's transpired.  Spidey and Rulk travel back to the surface where Spider-Man explains what happened to JJ and the Avengers.

Meanwhile, back underground, the Mole Man begins making new plans for conquest.


This was a great finish to what has been an amazing first arc.  Both the story and artwork were top notch.  Joe Mad's artwork is bright, loud and fun.  You can feel the energy and enthusiasm leap off each page.  And let me add that it is very refreshing to have an A-list artist deliver consistently great work on time without having to bring in other artists for assistance.  Kudos to Mad and the editors for that! 

Avenging Spider-Man isn't just a pleasure to look at; Wells delivered a very funny script that was also able to highlight why Spider-Man is such a great and effective superhero despite not being the strongest or even smartest one around.  In the end, his sense of humour won the day, which is always nice to see.

This first arc of Avenging Spider-Man was a resounding success and I'm eager to see what Wells has up his sleeve next.  Even though the next few issues won't have Mad on art duties, the future for this title looks bright!

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