Ultimate Comics Spider-Man V2 #6 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 20 January 2012

With his origin out of the way, Miles embarks on his first adventure as Spider-Man!

The Story

Uncle Aaron (A.K.A. the Prowler) arrives at a shady bar in Mexico City to deliver a package he stole from Oscorp to his client, a criminal who calls himself the Scorpion (a big guy with a scorpion tattoo).  Scorpion's men ambush Aaron, but Aaron is able to knock them out using an electrical device he got from the Tinkerer.  Aaron is then confronted by the Scorpion.

Meanwhile, Miles is patrolling the city as Spider-Man when he stumbles across a purse snatching.  Miles sloppily takes out the thugs before he is chased off by the police.  Former Daily Bugle reporter Betty Brant captures the whole thing on camera.

The Scorpion initially holds off on paying Aaron, but relents when Aaron threatens to kill one of his loved ones right in front of him.  After paying Aaron the Scorpion asks for his package, but Aaron refuses to give it to him and attempts to stab Scorpion with a knife.  The knife fails to penetrate Scorpion's rock hard skin, so Aaron next tries to electrocute him, also to no avail.  Running out of options, Aaron kicks Scorpion where the sun don't shine and runs outside, where the police are waiting for him.  With his device out of power, Aaron is arrested.

Miles returns home where his mom is waiting for him.  The two start to talk about the conversation Miles had with his father about Uncle Aaron when Ganke bursts in and interrupts them, claiming he has something urgent to tell Miles.  In Miles' room, Ganke tells Miles he needs training, and gives Miles some footage of Peter Parker fighting Doctor Octopus to study.

At the Daily Bugle, Betty offers J. Jonah Jameson footage of the new Spider-Man in exchange for her job back.  JJ agrees stating that, Peter Parker or not, the new Spider-Man is about to become famous.

In his cell, Aaron sees a picture in the paper of the new Spider-Man and demands to know if he's someone new (he can't read Spanish).


This was a great start to Miles' second arc, with Brian Michael Bendis following up on the most interesting subplot introduced in the previous arc; Uncle Aaron.  Although the first arc suggested that Aaron, despite being a career criminal, might not be such a bad guy, his actions this issue clearly establish him as, in the words of Miles' mom, "a bad person."  Going by the last page, it looks like Aaron has put two and two together and at least suspects that Miles is the new Spider-Man.  How this will affect their relationship going forward should make for some interesting reading.

Chris Samnee takes over artistic duties from Sara Pichelli this issue.  Although I miss Pichelli, Samnee does a good job filling in, though his different style took me a while to warm up to.

I do have a couple of gripes; for one, the new Ultimate Scorpion was disappointing.  There's no particular reason to call him the Scorpion other than his barely visible tattoo.  Still waiting for Ultimate Mac Gargan (unless that was Gargan, yikes!).  Also, does anybody else find it weird that Nick Fury hasn't offered to train Miles in light of what happened to Peter?

The new Ultimate Spider-Man is still going strong.  Looking forward to the reunion between Miles and his uncle.
He's back!  NOT!


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