Reaction to the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer

Posted by Mister Mets 08 February 2012

Sony released a new Amazing Spider-Man trailer on Midnight. And here's what people are saying about it so far.

Michael Moran of Bleeding Cool suggests that comic book fans are going to be happy, though he's skeptical of the film dominating the box office.

The Number One spot already belongs to The Avengers. Take four heroes, any one of which is a pop culture icon strong enough to warrant a t-shirt of their own and add a five-movie-deep mythos that’s been nearly a decade in the making and you’ve got an unsurpassable SMASH. Seriously, anyone else who thinks they’ve got a shot has been talking to Mysterio.
The Silver medal can only go to Batman. The Dark Knight Rises is the climax to Christopher Nolan’s literary fiction superhero trilogy that has made even stuffed-shirt broadsheet film reviewers sit up and take notice.
So at best, Spider-man is chasing the bottom step on the podium And with PrometheusSkyfall and The Hobbit all threatening to do stellar business, even the Bronze medal won’t come easy.

Harry of Aintitcoolnews is mostly impressed.

I'm now going to think of THE LIZARD as just being a hybrid of THE LIZARD and SCORPION... because that gorgeous shot of Spidey and the Lizard on top of the building in the rain... It looks too good to instantly hate on due to no labcoat and the tragic loss of Aligator jaws. I like the look of this. I'm not gaga. I'm not completely over the moon in love with it. I am a bit annoyed at the costume. But man, hearing Spidey trash talk? Big fan. I also love the look of the film. I love that Peter Parker isn't just a kid that wandered into a radioactive spider... but also happens to be brilliant - and his brilliance and willingness to work with scientists that have ethical boundary issues happens to be one of my favorite types of Peter Parker / Spider-Man stories. In particular, that has always been my favorite tie between Peter and Doc Connors. I also kind of love Spidey tagging buildings... because he did that too. This feels more completely Spidey. I mean, Look at Gwen Stacy! Sigh. I really like this trailer.
Comics Beat thinks it has all the things you expect in a superhero film.

In just two minutes, this summer’s Amazing Spider-Man has gone from an afterthought to the Batman/Avengers slugfest to a “Hey that looks great!’ Even if it is one of those “I just saw the whole movie!” trailers, it certainly conveys all the elements of a successful superhero movie: a wise-cracking hero, a winsome love interest, a villain with a transatlantic accent, and an authority figure determined to take our hero down—in this case Denis Leary as Gwen Stacy’s policeman dad, George.
Oliver Lyttleton of Indiewire is cautiously optimistic.

Sony have debuted a new trailer for the film in the early hours of the morning, and it looks solid. Really, really solid. Garfield looks great, the effects look strong, and there's a better sense of the humor of the character than ever came across in the Raimi movies. The brief glimpses of the all-CGI lizard are promising as well. What we're not quite sold on is the meld of tones -- the mix of humor and a darker feel than previous films, which sits a little uneasily. And the marketing angle of 'The Untold Story,' hinting that Parker may have always been destined for superpowers thanks to his father, an Oscorp employee, still feels off. Maybe Webb & co will be able to genuinely surprise with the storyline, but it almost feels overly defensive. 
Rob Bricken of Topless Robot thinks other trailers have been more impressive.

The first real trailer for the Spider-Man reboot came out last night -- too cheap to buy a Super Bowl spot, eh, Sony? -- and I'm just not feeling it. I think the problem is that I'm not seeing anything in here to really differentiate it from the Raimi movies, so instead of being "Oh wow, it's a better Spidey flick!" I'm all like "Oh, it's another Spidey flick, with a new guy and we're starting over from the beginning for some reason." Or maybe it's because Rhys Ifans is no Willem Dafoe or Alfred Molina (I'm not even sure he's Topher Grace, frankly). 
Actually, the real problem is that after the Avengers trailer and the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer, there's a pretty fucking high bar of awesome you need to clear to impress me this summer. I'm not dismissing The Amazing Spider-Man entirely, I'm just saying this trailer attempted the jump, hit the bar, knocked it off, and then landed awkwardly on its neck. 

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