Venom #13.3 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 27 February 2012

The heroes face off with Mephisto!

The Story

In Hell, the four heroes each experience what they desire most: Ghost Rider returns to Mexico with her family, Flash's symbiote permenantly bonds with him (with him in control) and he becomes the new Spider-Man, Red Hulk is recognized as a hero and given his own team of Hulks to lead, and X-23 kills Blackheart and destroys the rest of her clones with Wolverine. 

However, each fantasy ends tragically, and the four heroes are then confronted by Mephisto.  Mephisto explains that he does not want his son ruling Hell on Earth, and since no one can technically "die" in Hell, he is able to send the souls of the heroes back to Earth.  He says that he'll do this in exchange for a favour that he will decide upon later.  Everyone accepts the deal.


Warning: if you're one of those people who's still hysterical over Peter Parker making a deal with Mephisto in One More Day, seeing four heroes do it might make your head explode.*

Not much happens this issue; though the deal the heroes make at the end certainly suggests that we'll be getting a Circle of Four sequel in the future.  While it's been fun watching these four unlikely heroes team up for the first time, will it really be as fun the second time when the novelty has worn off?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Julian Tedesco does a great job handling the art duties this issue; his Mephisto is badass.

*Relax, I'm kidding.  Please don't explain to me why this is "different."


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