Amazing Spider-Man 681

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 March 2012

For those who do not already know, this issue is a part two of a short story that started in the last issue- ASM 680. ( Man, I did not word that right)

The Story
We start at the Apogee Space Station, where Spider-Man, Human Torch, and John Jameson are being attacked by 'zombies' ( crew controlled by Doc Ock)

Torch, flies his two companions out of the situation, but is soon told by John to stop, or else he will burn up all the oxygen. Just then, Johnny's ( torch) ship crashed through the station, leaving them no way to escape. John Jameson tells the others that there is another shuttle, but fears using it as it may be compromised. Through enough, the shuttle explodes as they near it. Luckily Torch absorbs the blast.

The three sit around thinking of another plan. All is not going so well, until Spidey gets the bright idea of shutting the air supply in the room where all the zombie people are to knock them unconscious. Johnny Storm offers his special cell phone designed by Reeds that can call Galactus, to get in contact with Horizon to cut the air supply.

Noticing that the air supply has been cut, Dr Ock, decides to investigate and find out what is going on in the space station. When he sees Spider-Man, he is filled with rage and sends the station crashing down to earth.

Spider-Man then switches to magnetic webbing and quickly webs all the unconsious 'zombies' together. He then brings them in to the Deep Space Sensory Deprivation Chamber ( Whatever that is). Johnny worries a little that the zombies will wake up, but Spider-Man assures him that his magnetic webbing will disrupt Dr. Ock's communications with his octobots. This leads to my favorite scene in the book, which really makes perfect sense.

Anyway, with everyone safe, the ship explodes and Johnny again absorbs the blast. Everyone lands in the sea and no one dies! Of course the issue ends with Dr. Octopus planning is lat master plan. -.-

Again, this was a okay issue in my opinion. What I really loved about this issue is how Spider-Man was able to forget about his magnetic webbing. It's funny, strange, and should not happen in comics, yet it did. In a real life situation, I'm sure people would forget about something like that. It's just hilarious that it happened in a comic book.

I've recently been watching a TV series called Firefly ( mostly space adventures ) and that scene between Spider-Man and Torch seems like something that would happen in that series. Check it out ;)

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