Amazing Spider-Man 682

Posted by bulletproofsponge 29 March 2012

Really sorry guys for not posting this sooner. I've just been a little busy that all. Anyway, here we are with another installment of Spider-Man - The world's greatest superhero. ( I'm really struggling to see how they came up with the title)

The Story

It all starts pretty simply with Spider-Man trying out his new gadgets to take out super crooks. Among his 'original' ideas are Spider-bombs and a Spider glider. For the first part of the issue, Spidey is pretty proud of himself for creating all these new inventions at Horizon that help him curb crime.

He also thinks to himself how he has designed special gadgets for each of the Sinister Six.

As Peter stands, admiring himself, he notices some commotion at Horizon. It turns out that Mayer Jameson wants to shut Horizon down. Obviously this is bad news for our Friendly Neighbor hood Spider-Man.

A few panels later, we see that Doc Octopus's brilliant plan is to speed up global warming, which he does!

He then telecasts himself on every television screen, like most old school bad guys, and tells the world that he has a solution for global warming, which will come eventually, with or without him. He claims that all he wants is to be know as the man who saved the future. He then stops the global warming he created. ( convenient )

It appears that most of the world seem pretty interested to see what Doc Ock has to say. Even the Avengers are considering listening him out. We end the issue with Spider-Man gearing up to take on this new problem. He approaches the Avengers, telling them to take out Doc Ock ( who is obviously up to no good. )

Oh, I forgot to mention Spidey appears with his new armor suit.

From my review, you can pretty much guess what I think of this issue. The story, for this issue at least, is way too simple. I mean, nobody threatens the world with global warming anymore! Sure Doc Ock is dying, but couldn't his final master plan be a lil more original?

Obviously, this is not all there is to his plan, so I still have hope for the story of this arc. Spidey's costume is pretty cool to me. Am definitely looking forward to see what it can do.

I'm also hoping we don't see anymore of this Spidey Glider! ( Unless its with a stand off against Osborn )

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