Moon Knight #10 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 13 March 2012

Enter: Madame Masque!

The Story

Enraged by Echo's death, Moon Knight's Wolverine persona fully takes over as he goes full berserker on Count Nefaria.

Marc Spector awakens in a hospital bed after having a trippy dream about Marlene and Frenchie.  Detective Hall enters the hospital hoping to question him, but before he can do so, Buck Lime gases the hospital and gets Marc out.

With Count Nefaria unable to regain his composure after being stabbed by Moon Knight, one of his assistants tasks Nefaria's daughter, Madame Masque, with hunting down Moon Knight.  Meanwhile, as Marc Spector lays in bed, his Wolverine persona pushes him to finish what he started.

Madame Masque breaks into the morgue and kills all the doctors performing an autopsy on Echo's corpse.  She is able to trace Echo's vibranium staff to Buck Lime.  Word of Madame Masque's activities quickly reaches Detective Hall, who gets filled in on who she is by Snapdragon.

Madame Masque attacks Buck and takes the Ultron head.


Sorry Echo fans, looks like she really is dead (for the time being anyway, until she gets resurrected by ninjas or something).  I didn't see that one coming, and Madame Masque's appearance also took me by surprise; did not know she was Nefaria's daughter.  Brian Michael Bendis is quick to establish Masque as a force to be reckoned with; she's cold, efficient and psychotic.  Her clashing with Moon Knight should make for an interesting confrontation: crazy vs. crazy.

It's easy to read Bendis' Avengers books and think that the writer has nothing new to offer us in terms of superheroes, but books like Moon Knight and Ultimate Spider-Man show that he still has interesting things to say about these characters.  His take on Moon Knight has been far from conventional, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he raps it up in the next two issues!

If you're wondering what this review is doing on a Spider-Man site, fear not.  Spider-Man's head is mounted on a wall in Moon Knight's dream, so technically he does appear in this issue!


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