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Posted by Mister Mets 10 March 2012

Last month, when Marvel first teased Spider-Men, I suggested that it would be cool if the project were a crossover between the Ultimate Miles Morales and regular Marvel Universe Peter Parker.

And that's what it seems to be. Bendis and Pichelli worked together before on Ultimate Spider-Man post-Ultimatum, so this does seem to be something set in that universe. However, the title is currently Spider-Men rather than Ultimate Spider-Men, which suggests that it may be set largely outside of the Ultimate Universe. The solicitation suggests that "history will be made in the Marvel Universe."

There's a lot of potential for that in Miles Morales's ongoing story, as the Ultimate Peter Parker is his Uncle Ben, the guy he might have been able to save had he done the right thing. So he might have a massive guilt trip if he visits a world in which Peter Parker grew up to be a significant superhero. This is a crossover that could have a lasting impact on the character.

Although I also think it would be interesting to see the Marvel Universe's Peter Parker's response to a world in which he's essentially a young martyr. Here's what I wrote about it last month.
Marvel hasn't done a crossover in the eleven years sinceUltimate Spider-Man #1, although they hinted at the possibility at the beginning of Mark Millar and Greg Land's Ultimate Fantastic Four run. That was a swerve which led to the introduction of the Marvel Zombies world. Though the Marvel Zombies interacted with Black Panther, so there's at least some precedent for one of the Spider-Man to travel into the world of the other. There was also the recent Shattered Dimensions video game, featuring the Marvel Universe Spider-Man, the Ultimate Peter Parker, the Noir Peter Parker and Spider-Man 2099. 
A common complaint about the crossover is that Marvel promised they wouldn't ever tell that story. A quote that's referenced a few times in online discussions today is Quesada's alleged comment that the day Marvel does a crossover between the two universes is the day they run out of ideas. To be fair to Quesada, I haven't been able to google the exact quote, although I do vaguely remember hearing something like that.
If he said, that's not a reason to reject a story that could be exciting. When the idea of an X-Over was first broached, it was during a time when the Ultimate Spider-Man was Peter Parker, and a team-up would feature a teen meeting an alternate version of himself as a slightly older guy. But the dynamic has changed significantly, and I wouldn't mind seeing a crossover between the 616 Peter Parker and the Ultimate Miles Morales. It would be an interesting for to have Peter go to a world in which he's essentially Joan of Arc, a young martyr who inspired millions. And for Miles, it would fascinating to see the guy his role model would have grown up to become.
As Bendis is one of the architects of the Avengers VS X-Men, an event which is supposed to change the Marvel Universe, Ultimate Spider-Men might be some sort of tie-in to that. A team-up between the Classic Peter Parker and Miles Morales could highlight what's made both characters and world unique.
I also said that the resurrection of the Ultimate Peter Parker was going to be likelier than a crossover, but let's ignore that for the moment.

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