Ultimate Comics Spider-Man V2 #8 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 17 March 2012

A scorpion stinger attached to a chain???  I take back what I said, the new Ultimate Scorpion is pretty cool.

The Story

In Paris, Aunt May and Gwen Stacy are shocked when they see a new Spider-Man on the front page of a newspaper.

Miles tells Ganke to go back to their room so he can talk to his Uncle in private.  Uncle Aaron tells Miles he knows he's Spider-Man and that the two of them need to work together.  Before Aaron can continue, he is escorted off school grounds by security, as his name is not on the visitation list.

At the New York Police Department, Captain Quaid interrogates the Kangaroo (captured by Miles back in Ultimate Fallout #4) and asks him to reveal everything he knows about the new Spider-Man.  Meanwhile, the Scorpion attacks a group of New York's crime bosses looking for the Prowler.  After killing one of the bosses, Scorpion decides he wants to be the new kingpin of crime.

Miles can hardly concentrate in school, still reeling from the conversation he had with his Uncle.  He sneaks out at night as Spider-Man to figure out what to do, and comes across a robbery being committed by the Ringer.  Spidey is able to defeat the Ringer before Captain Quaid arrives on the scene, asking to talk to him.


This issue marks Sarah Pichelli's return to the series, and she has been sorely missed.  Her knack for both big action scenes and quiet character moments make Ultimate Spider-Man the best looking Spidey book on the stands.  Given the calibre of artistic talent on the other books, that's saying something.

Miles' relationship with his uncle continues to be the most interesting aspect of this series.  Given how Aaron has essentially brought the Scorpion to New York, I'm looking forward to seeing how these plotlines converge.  Not sure what to make of Captain Quaid.  It looks like Brian Michael Bendis is setting him up to be Miles' George Stacy, but we'll see what he has in mind.

Miles Morales' second story arc keeps getting better.  Highly recommended!  


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