Venom...the Movie? (part 2)

Posted by Jesse 14 March 2012

Last time we talked about how Venom would need the proper launching pad to become eligible for his own feature length film, and we said that he should be re-introduced into the Spider-Man movie-verse.

This time we are going to focus on if the movie actually were plausible and ready to go into production. The first major detail to consider is; who is the target audience, and what is their appropriate age range? To determine this one should consider the nature of the beast. Venom is overall a mutant monster from outer space, he thrives off causing fear and intimidation. He uses everything he's got including his razor sharp claws, massive fangs, acid like drool, and ever aggressive tongue to extract vengeance. To me its pretty clear, this is a different animal than Spider-Man, which is why I'm leaning toward Sci-Fi / lite horror with heavy action. I'd also go with PG-13.

I think that if the movie was pointed in that direction it would stand a much better chance of success, rather than your typical hero or action affair. Aliens and monsters work best as horror driven tales, but that is not to say that this movie should become a total slime and gore fest; in fact I think that would be a rather disastrous route. Instead I think they should moderate the gore and keep Venom scary but not anything grotesque.
I also don't believe that making a profound and marketable Venom makeup / costume will be a difficult task.

I believe this is reminiscent of James Cameron's alien films and I feel like those movies would be a decent frame of reference. I like the shiny and wet look of the alien creatures in regards to how Venom should look and feel. I would hope that the designer would want to shy away from the muscle fibrous look from Spider-Man 3.

Another useful frame of reference can be taken from the Resident Evil film franchise which continues to deliver incredible looking monsters that have a surprisingly accurate resemblance to their video game counter parts. No doubt at time Venom will need to be big and freakishly intimidating. There will need to be more than a few designs as Venom will often change in size from medium to gigantic. However I hope they downplay his shape shifting and chameleon like abilities, as I find that power to be a little too convenient, and it could easily cause plot holes, not to mention a lot of unnecessary digital effects. I'm of the discipline that it needs to look as organic as possible, unless you're going entirely CGI.

Now onto the story development. How exactly do you make a realistic movie about a man in an alien suit that goes around fighting crime?

Good question, well just like anything else, you start with the basics: Characterization. Who is this man? What motivates him? What does he do on a daily basis? etc. So for this story, right away there's a big choice to be made; Which incarnation of Venom do you go with?

Lots of folks have worn the suit but only a few made an impact. The obvious choices are Eddie Brock the original Venom, and Flash Thompson the current torch bearer.

You could argue that Brock already had his time in the spotlight and his big screen character died, but with creative writing bringing a character back from "comic book death" is far from impossible. Of corse just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done, and perhaps distancing this new film from SM 3 is just what the Dr ordered. So can a new Eddie Brock be established on screen without fans ill feelings and confusion toward the previous? Possibly, but perhaps fans would like to move away from the maniacal, eccentric, revenge driven Eddie and ride along with the more sensible Flash Thompson.

Next time we will get into the particulars of what would make Flash the better choice. Be sure to sound off in the comments on who you prefer.

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