New Avengers # 23 & Avengers # 24 Review

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 25 April 2012

The final showdown! Avengers and New Avengers VS Osborn and Dark Avengers!

New Avengers #23
A month ago when Osborn had invited Skaar to join his team, Skaar contacted Captain America for advice. In the present, Skaar defeats the Dark Avengers. He then goes looking for Captain America and frees him. Cap asks him to get the New Avengers. The Dark Avengers recover only to see that the New Avengers have arrived. They beat the $#!+ out of the bad guys. Captain America thanks them and Victoria Hand. He also asks where Cage is.

Cage, still looking for his wife, goes to her old office, Alias. Inside, he looks at a picture of himself, the Jewel and Iron Fist.

Avengers # 24
Two weeks ago, Osborn, Madame Hydra and Superia met with A.I.M.'s scientist supreme, Dr Rappaccini. He wanted something for himself from the Special Abilities department. She told him about the Adaptoid program - he'll have all the powers of anybody he touches. She also warned him about the side effects.

In the present, while facing against Osborn and Hand's (the ninja group) assassins, Red Hulk punches him. This results in Osborn hulking out. The heroes try to use ranged attacks but he uses Vision's density control and becomes immune to them. They then switch to Plan B. Noh-Varr makes him absorb his alien powers. All the Avengers grab him at once hoping that it will cause power overload. However, that makes Osborn more powerful. Captain America and the New Avengers show up to save the day, and when Osborn absorbs everyone's powers, the side effects kick in.

They apprehend members of HAMMER and AIM. At the White House, the President compels Captain America to do damage control on the Avengers' image. He asks what happened to Madame Hydra, Captain America says she's still out there. We see her addressing a large group of HYDRA soldiers, telling them that Osborn's failure will help HYDRA rise again.

I've been reading both, the Avengers and the New Avengers, since the Heroic Age, and I have to say New Avengers is the better title.  New Avengers #23 was a good issue with awesome action scenes splashed across pages. Avengers #24, on the other hand, felt a little rushed. And the new Dark Avengers didn't get any closure and we didn't get to see Ai Apaec do anything in his six-armed Spider-Man form. Worse, New Avengers # 23 was released after Avengers #24, so, everybody already new what would happen.

The art was very good, but then again I've always liked Deodato and Conard's style. I'm not a big fan of Daniel Acuna's style for comic book art but I like the way he drew faces in Avengers # 24.

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