Ultimate Comics Spider-Man V2 #9 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 13 April 2012

Prowler vs. Scorpion!

The Story

Captain Quaid warns Miles to cease his activities as Spider-Man before Miles is able to get away.

Meanwhile, the Prowler sneaks back into the Tinkerer's warehouse where he is confronted by the Scorpion and his men.  The Scorpion attempts to kill Prowler, but the Prowler is able to escape using the Vulture's wings.  Astonished by Scorpion's power, the Prowler realizes he's in big trouble.

In bed, Miles receives a text from his Uncle Aaron, telling him that if Miles does one favour for him he'll leave him alone forever and to meet him in one hour.


That just might have been my shortest story summary yet!  While this was another great instalment of Ultimate Spider-Man, like most Brian Michael Bendis stories, it's going to feel more like you got your money's worth reading it in trade form rather than in single issues.  I should mention that while I miss Sarah Pichelli, David Marquez is a great replacement as he delivers great work here.

100 posts!  Whoo!  Not sad at all!  Thanks Bryan for giving me the opportunity to write for your blog.  It's been a blast so far!

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