Venom #16 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 30 April 2012

A routine prison transfer turns into anything but when the Hobgoblin shows up!

The Story - Clemency

Venom is overseeing the prison transfer of obscure Spidey villain the Human Fly to the Raft aboard a sky train.  From his cell, the Fly tells Venom that he owes the Kingpin money and if he doesn't pay the Kingpin's going to kill his son.  He asks Venom to let him out so he can protect him, promising to turn himself in afterwards.  Sensing that Venom's hesitance, the Fly asks Venom to at least deliver a letter he wrote to his son before he is killed.  Just then, Agent Darymple takes Venom aside and tells him that the Kingpin has put a hit out on the Fly, and that one of his two guards is planning on collecting the bounty.  Venom attempts to trick the two guards into entering the second cell but before he can Darymple reveals himself to be the Hobgoblin in disguise! 

After killing the two guards, Hobgoblin offers Venom a deal: ten million dollars to help the Kingpin kill the Fly, Crime-Master and Jack-'O'-Lantern.  Venom pretends to agree to the deal and let's the Fly out of his cell, who then hits Hobgoblin with his acid spit, starting a three way battle.  During the fight, Hobgoblin is able to knock Venom off the train, leaving just him and the Fly.  Venom quickly returns on a motorcycle, using it to hit Hobgoblin off the train.  Venom attempts to recapture the Fly but is forced to let him escape to save one of the guards.  Before leaving, the Fly tells Venom to read the letter to his son, telling him he'll find it illuminating.  The letter simply states: "I don't have a son!"


Rick Remender delivers yet another superb done-in-one issue!  It was a lot of fun watching Venom take on the new Hobgoblin, made even better by Kev Walker's stunning artwork.  Remender also makes the Human Fly into a credible threat, as he is able to hold his own against the Hobgoblin.  And although you see the ending coming from a mile away, it still packs a punch.     

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