Carnage USA # 4-5 review

Posted by bulletproofsponge 08 May 2012

Wow! It's been a long time since I've even thought about finishing this series. Don't get me wrong, I loved the series and highly recommend it. However I just haven't had the time to actually finish reviewing it up here.

Carnage USA # 4
We last left off at what can be considered the best cliffhanger possible for a Carnage issue - Agent Venom, preparing to take out Carnage.

This issue starts with Spider-Man giving a speech to the fellow villagers about how they're gonna take Carnage out. Little do they know that a battle is already taking place downtown.

Cletus watches from afar as he grows tired of seeing his little symbiotes being whacked by the Mercury team. He then, brings in the big guns, aka the Avengers whom he has under his control. The poor Mercury team barely stand a chance and resort to calling backup from Dr Nieves aka Scorn. Unfortunately for them, Scorn doesn't answer to their request for backup but is instead seen building something of her own.

Spider-Man and his gang of farmers ( honestly, that's what they look like ) come to the rescue just in time. Spider-Man takes the fight straight to Cletus himself. He struggles a fair bit until Agent Venom comes in to save the day!

Venom fires Carnage with a number of Sonic Shrapnel shots. Carnage eventually loses control of all the people he was controlling, including the Avengers. Venom pretty much owns Carnage and is about to kill him until Spider-Man stops him. This dumb move by Spider-Man gives Carnage enough time to focus his attention again. He controls the Thing and gets him to knock Venom out.

Fortunately, Scorn then appears just in time to pick up both Venom and Carnage and drop them into a machine she built, designed to separate the symbiote from the host.

The issue ends with Cletus, standing over Flash's legless body with a knife, preparing to kill him.

Carnage USA # 5

Spider-Man and the rest of the Avengers, who are now free from the symbiote control, stand on a hill, staring at the meat factory, where Scorn took Venom and Carnage.

Spider-Man worries however, that with the Symbiotes no longer attached, they are now wild, running loose, possibly looking for someone else to latch on to.

Meanwhile, Cletus is about to kill Flash, who is legless. Cletus boasts how his legs aren't made out of symbiote like Flash's. Strangely enough though, just as Cletus speaks those words, synthetic legs crumble. it all soon becomes an arena of death for the two legless lads.

Coming back to Spider-Man and the others, they soon witness a Gorilla covered with the Venom symbiote being chased by a ton of other animals covered in the Carnage symbiote. The Avengers, Mercury team, and farmers all try to stop the symbiotes. Spider-Man notices however that the gorilla only wants to go to the meat factory where Flash is. Spidey helps Venom to achieve his goals by clearing the way.

In the meantime, the order to bomb the town has already been given. A whole lot of firepower comes down on the Carnage symbiote, destroying the town with it.

Coming back to Venom, the Gorilla makes it to the factory in time, just as Cletus is about to kill Flash. Things turn around quickly as soon as Flash connects with his suit.

By the end of this issue:

  1. Cletus is taken captive
  2. the Carnage symbiote is secured by Scorn who has a 'secondary objective' for it. 
  3. The town is burnt
  4. Wolverine, the Sheriff and I are left wondering why they didn't just kill Cletus. 
This whole series was fantastic. Carnage USA was definitely one of the best Symbiote stories in my opinion. It's certainly better than the last Five Carnage issues, which technically provides a background to this mini, explaining how Carnage came back to life. 

Venom did a fantastic job in this issue. His appearance and timing was classic. I must add that the art work for Venom was also beautiful. Unfortunately, Spider-Man prevented him from actually getting rid of Carnage due to his 'no one dies' rule. 

We also see Venom, finally agreeing not to kill Carnage, simply out of his respect for Spider-Man. By doing so however, he also gained the respect of Captain America, which probably means a lot for a war hero like himself. 

I really hope to see more Venom/ Spider-Man team ups in the near future. As for Cletus and Carnage, we know that this is not their end. As such I'll end with ...

To be continued...

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