Moon Knight #12 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 01 May 2012

The final issue!

The Story

With Detective Hall and a group of police officers with a search warrant knocking on his door, Count Nefaria decides to make a run for it, and flies towards the police station.  When he arrives he scolds the corrupt Captain Quaid for failing to keep his officers in line and promptly vaporizes him.  Before Nefaria can do the same to Snapdragon, he is attacked by Moon Knight.  Moon Knight fights valiantly but is no match for Nefaria's raw power.  Nefaria drags Moon Knight outside only to be confronted by the Avengers, and is easily defeated.

Afterwards, Marc Spector and Buck Lime give Tony Stark the Ultron head.  Tony explains to them what Ultron is, and that it's planning something big, and Nefaria most likely wanted to use the head to find a way out.  After Tony leaves, Iron Man becomes Moon Knight's new third personality alongside Echo and Wolverine.

Three months later, with his show cancelled, Marc Spector packs up and leaves Hollywood.


Brian Michael Bendis ends Moon Knight the same way he has ended many of his stories, with a group of heroes coming in to gang up on the lone supervillain.  I'm a little disappointed; I would have liked to have seen Moon Knight and Buck take down Nefaria on their own at some great cost, or even fail despite their best efforts.  As it is, this ending felt way too conventional for a series which up until this point has been anything but.

Despite my disappointment with the ending, I immensely enjoyed this twelve issue journey Bendis and Alex Maleev took us on.  If you missed this series in singles, I would highly recommend getting the inevitable oversized hardcover that will likely follow.  It's too bad this marks the end of Moon Knight's journey for the time being.  I would love to see Dan Slott's (who apparently loves Moon Knight) take on the character.  Sadly, if Bendis and Maleev can't get a Moon Knight series to sell half decently, then I doubt Marvel is willing to take any more chances with the character in this current economic climate.  At least we'll see him again in The Ultron War.   

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