Spider-Men # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge 22 June 2012

Spider-Man meets Spider-Man! How cool is that? And no, he does not simply look into the mirror and chat to himself, although that's probably something Peter Parker does pretty often.

It all starts pretty innocently with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, from the 616 universe is busy swinging around admiring New York City. He stops a couple of thugs on the way and even runs into some trouble with the cops. However, what really gets to him is seeing a blast of purple light coming from an abandoned warehouse.

In the warehouse, he sees the purple light, and decides that it looks like Stark Tech. After snooping around a little, Spider-Man figures out that Mysterio is in here somewhere.

He fights Mysterio, who complains about not being there the first time Spider-Man died. This obviously confuses Peter, but he chooses to ignore it. The fight eventually results in Mysterio shooting something important that somehow sends Peter flying through to another New York in which it is now daytime.

Naturally, Spider-Man is confused as hell. I mean, it was night time a minute ago! As Spidey swings around trying to figure things out, he sees a man being robbed. Doing what Spider-Man does best, he stops the robbers. The victim then thanks Spidey but tells him to get his own suit and not use Peter Parker's.

Our Spider-Man is stunned! How does this nobody know about Peter Parker? Spider-Man plays his I don't know what you're talking about card. ( The same kind you play if your girlfriend find's out you've been cheating on her)

Anyway, the scene ends with Spider-Man swinging and meeting Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales in mid air!

This meeting of the two Spider-Men from parallel universes has been something talked about for a while now. Unfortunately, Peter never got to meet is other Peter counterpart. However, we do have something similar and almost equal to it.

It's pretty neat because so far, almost everything in this Ultimate Universe is in the 616 universe. Everything except for Mile Morales that is. I'm sure he is there somewhere though.

If there's anything I really wanna see from this series, it's our Peter meeting their MJ and Gwen!

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