Ultimate Spider-Man "Freaky" Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 22 June 2012

Wolverine makes his Ultimate Spider-Man debut, courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis!

The Story

Spider-Man comes across the mind controlling mutant named Mesmero in the midst of a robbery, using ordinary New Yorkers to help him commit his crime.  Spider-Man intervenes, but has a hard time when Mesmero orders the mind controlled civilians to attack him.  Wolverine then arrives, and reluctantly works with Spider-Man to stop Mesmero.  Wolverine is eventually able to get Mesmero to release the civilians by threatening to kill him.  Afterwards, Nick Fury arrives to take Mesmero into custody, and congratulates Spider-Man on managing to take down Mesmero with minimal property damage.  Spidey however, is more concerned with Wolverine's willingness to kill, and the two heroes get into an argument before parting ways.  Witnessing this as he's being taken into custody, Mesmero does something to both Spider-Man and Wolverine's minds.

The next day at school, Peter falls asleep in poetry class, and wakes up in Wolverine's body!  Peter starts to freak out while,  back at school, Wolverine wakes up in Peter's body and runs out of the classroom snarling and growling.  After running into Mary Jane and Harry Osborn, Wolverine gets a call from Peter, who demands to know what's going on.  After explaining to Wolverine that the two of them have somehow switched bodies, Sabretooth bursts into Wolverine's apartment and attacks Peter.  The fight takes them out of the apartment and onto the streets.  Eventually, Peter is able to escape Sabretooth and make his way towards his school.

After hitting on Mary Jane and beating up Flash Thompson, Wolverine heads outside to meet Peter.  After they figure out that Mesmero is responsible for their body switch they are attacked by Sabretooth, who was listening in on their conversation.  Eventually, Spider-Man and Wolverine are able to put their differences aside and, despite both being out of their element, defeat Sabretooth.

On the Helicarrier, Spidey is able to get Mesmero to switch his mind back by applying some Wolverine-style interrogation tactics.  Before parting ways, Wolverine tells Spider-Man not to take what he has for granted.


With "Freaky," Brian Michael Bendis delivers one of the best episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man yet.  This episode was fun, action packed and genuinely funny.  The banter between Spider-Man and Wolverine was great, and was delivered brilliantly by both Steve Blum as Wolverine (really glad Marvel is still going to Blum for the role) and Drake Bell as Spidey.  When the two characters switch bodies, both actors do a tremendous job of capturing the other's voice.  It was also cool to see Wolverine's tan costume in animation.

What surprised me most about this episode was that, despite this show skewing more towards younger viewers, it has one of the most intense versions of Wolverine I've seen on television.  Bendis quickly establishes at the beginning of the episode that Wolverine has no qualms about killing, with Wolvie threatening to stick his middle claw through Mesmero's head.  Another scene that took me off guard was the very funny bit where Peter (in Wolverine's body) accidentally stabs himself with his claws!

"Freaky" was Ultimate Spider-Man's most successful attempt yet at creating a show that fans of all stripes can sit down and enjoy.  It's a fun ride from start to finish that fans of both characters should definitely check out.  Hopefully we'll be getting more Bendis penned episodes of this series in the future. 

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