Spider-Men # 2

Posted by bulletproofsponge 02 July 2012

The first thing I have to say is that my prediction on Mysterio was totally off in my last review. I do suppose I forgot that Ultimate Mysterio's head is always on fire sort of.

The Story

So we start with Mysterio on the floor, right where our Spider-Man left him before being transported into the Ultimate Universe. Mysterio gets up and boot starts his Avatar - the Ultimate Mysterio with the flaming head and sends him into the Ultimate Universe after Spidey.

Back at the Ultimate Universe, the two Spider-Man have some conversation + semi fighting with each Spider-Man wanting to know the identity of the other.

Miles manages to test out his Spider-sting and invisibility tricks on Peter. Half way through, Miles gets a gut feeling that it's actually Peter behind the mask, while Peter actually unmasks Miles, though it doesn't help him figure anything out. He was pretty relieved that it wasn't another version of himself behind the ask though.

Anyway, after the fight, Peter gets knocked out and wakes up at the SHIELD HQ, being interrogated by Nick Fury. After a detailed explanation to Nick Fury, Peter is freed. He is then formally introduced to Miles, who is then given the task of updating Peter of the Peter Parker situation.

The two Spider-Men get on a helicopter. Unfortunately, the copter gets blown to bits before Peter gets any of the answers he was looking for. Outside, we see Ultimate Mysterio with a Bazooka, ready to play with some 'fireworks.'

This was a pretty good issue/ follow up to the first issue. Personally, I don't follow Ultimate comics, so Miles Morales is a first for me. I like the kid's character so far, pretty whackey, yet different from Peter.

Nick Fury sort of believed Peter's story a little too fast, but it was necessary to get on with the story. Either way, I can see that these two Spider-Men are gonna have a pretty good time working together.

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