Spider-Men # 3

Posted by bulletproofsponge 19 July 2012

So here we are in Part Three of Spider-Man's adventure to the Ultimate Universe.

The Story
It all continues from the last issue with Mysterio, or his avatar in the Ultimate Universe, playing the fool with the two Spider-Men.

Mysterio pretty much kicks the Spider-Men's asses tossing them around with illusions of Spidey's enemies. It takes our Spider-Man a while to realize that how Mysterio is doing what he is. Myseterio's avatar is eventually stopped and goes into a self destruct mode.

Miles later wakes up under the watch of the Ultimates, with our Spider-Man long gone. There really isn't too much depth to this issue as it moves pretty slowly.

Essentially, the only other important things that happen is Tony Stark trying to figure out Mysterio's tech and Spider-Man paying a visit to Aunt May and Gwen of the ultimate world.

Probably, my biggest complain about this issue is the lack of important things that take place in it. The only time in the issue when things get a little interesting, the issue ends. Sorry guys, but this issue is really not worth it...

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