Amazing Spider-Man 691 review

Posted by bulletproofsponge 17 August 2012

Before starting this issues, I must once again congratulate Slott for pulling this lizard story off. In time to come, I'm sure this will be appreciated as one of the better Lizard stories.

The Story

I must admit that I absolutely did not see the opening scene of this issue coming at all. After all this talk about Lizards being predators and etc over the years, we suddenly see Spider-Man swing into a Lizard Petting zoo.

Apparently, by nature, Lizards are friendly towards humans. Seeing no threat from the other giant Lizards, Spider-Man rushes to find Dr Connors. By the end of the last issue, Connors was deciding if he actually wanted to become a lizard again. Apparently, he had decided to stay human. However, Spider-Man's appearance changed his decision, much to his displeasure.

Connors jabs himself with the serum just as Spider-Man tries to stop him. As a contingency plan, Spidey grabs Connors body while it is transforming and breaks out of the Lab.

( In SHED we found out that the Lizard could control other Lizards, thus making quite a mess in the lab with the other 'friendly lizards" )

Anyways, Spider-Man gets out of the Lab with Connors, who has now transformed into another type of Lizard, different from before.

In the midst of a pretty cool fight scene, the Lizard complains to Spider-Man about how he was ready to stay a human and etc. Anyhow, halfway through the fight Uatu comes out of the lab and gives Spider-Man a solution to beat the Lizard - some serum in a harpoon to be injected into the Lizards brain.

Somewhere in between however, the lizard starts seeing all women and children as Martha and Billy. Pretty soon, Spider-Man appears like Dr Connors to him. Slightly confused, the Lizard slows down. Spider-Man takes the opportunity to stab the Lizards brain with the harpoon.

For a moment Spider-Man is afraid he may have killed the Lizard. We later find out that the Lizard didn't die, but is instead kept in holding where all his enemies are held, including Morbius.

Morbius, in prison, tries to beg Spider-Man to tell him if the girl he accidentally bit survived. Spider-Man refuses to answer him. Spider-Man eventually reaches the Lizards, cell, where he is busy chewing a rat.
The Lizard tries to tell Spider-Man something but Spider-Man ignores him. Apparently, the jab into his brain worked and finally killed the Lizard, leaving the real mind of Dr Connors trapped in a Lizards body.


1) Max realizes that something very important is missing from his office.
2) The King Pin now has the plans for the improved Spider sense jammers
3) We find out that the REAL Roderick Kingsley is still alive! (read the real issue to find out how )


This was a fantastic issue that properly wrapped up the Lizard story, making it a real good story all in all.
This issue, leaves a fantastic platform for the coming stories as well, with the reveal that Roderick Kingsley is back and ready for action.

I found it pretty sad that Spider-Man refused to talk to Morbius or the Lizard despite the wrongs they have committed, especially, Morbius who was tricked into biting Sajani.

As for Dr. Connors, I sure hope it is not the last we see of him. He could very well pop out of no where when Spider-Man needs some serious help. After all, Dr. Connors is among the smartest people out there is he not?

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