AvX #10-12 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 11 October 2012

Before we get started with the finale of Avengers vs. X-Men, I just want to get the obvious out of the way and say that issue #9 was awesome!!!  We need Jason Aaron on a Spider-Man ongoing ASAP.

Round 10

Cyclops goes on a rampage through K'un Lun looking for Hope and easily defeats any Avengers who stand in his way.

At Utopia, the power of the Phoenix force is clearly getting to Emma Frost, who is forcefully making every mutant on Utopia bow before her.  When Magneto objects to Emma's treatment of her own kind, she makes him bow as well.
As Cyclops lays waste to more Avengers, he is attacked by Hope and Kung the Thunderer, who are riding the reincarnation of Shao Lao, the dragon whose ancestors are said to have defeated the Phoenix force (it's sentences like this that make me realize just how goofy comics are).  Although Shao Lao is able to hurt Cyclops, he is still too young to stand a chance against the Phoenix, and Cyclops quickly gains the upper hand.  Hope manages to absorb some of Shao Lao's power as she flees from Cyclops and eventually runs into Scarlet Witch, Beast and Iron Man.  Angered, Hope decides to attack Cyclops, and the combination of the dragon's power and her close proximity to Scarlet Witch's chaos energy allows her to chaos fist Cyclops to the moon (again, goofy).  As the Avengers congratulate Hope for turning the tide, Cyclops realizes he needs Emma...

Meanwhile, on Utopia, Magneto calls out to Charles Xavier, telling him that Cyclops and Emma have lost control and asks for help.

Round 11

Captain America recruits the Hulk for the final fight against Cyclops and Emma.

The mutants who have fled Utopia, led by Rogue, are able to find safe haven with Charles Xavier and the Avengers.  They tell them that they're ready to help bring Cyclops and Emma down.

Xavier has a mental confrontation with Cyclops while the Avengers and X-Men attack both he and Emma.  Eventually, Cyclops grows so frustrated that he decides to take Emma down and absorb the entirety of the Phoenix force.  Xavier tries one last time to talk Cyclops down, but Cyclops has none of it, and kills his former mentor.  With this last act, the Phoenix force is able to fully consume Cyclops, who becomes Dark Phoenix.

Round 12

The Avengers and X-Men do battle with Dark Phoenix Cyclops across the globe as he slowly tears the Earth apart with his power.  The fight doesn't go well, so Cap gives Iron Man the okay to put his plan into effect.  As Dark Phoenix flies into the atmosphere to set the Earth aflame, he is intercepted by Nova who sends him plummeting back to Earth, right in the vicinity of Hope and the Scarlet Witch, who use their combined powers to take Cyclops down.

With Cyclops defeated, Hope absorbs the Phoenix force and starts to undo all the damage Cyclops did.  She then returns to the Avengers, and with the help of the Scarlet Witch, they are able to scatter the Phoenix across the world, where its energy creates more mutants, bringing them back from the brink of extinction.

Later, in a ruby quartz cell, Captain America explains to Cyclops just how much trouble Cyclops is in.  Cyclops takes full responsibility for his actions and expresses satisfaction at what they ultimately resulted in.  As Cap and Wolverine leave for Xavier's funeral, Cyclops explains that with the Phoenix, there always has to be destruction before the rebirth.


Avengers vs. X-Men has finally wrapped up, and for my money it was one of the most interesting and exciting events Marvel has done in a while.  For me, the breakout character in this series had to be Cyclops, who as it turns out was right about the original intentions of the Phoenix.  There's an argument to be made that, had the Avengers not interfered and Hope gained the power of the Phoenix in the first place, everything would have worked out well for everyone.  But then you have to keep in mind that in the end Hope needed the help of the Scarlet Witch to reactivate mutantkind, thus making the intervention of the Avengers necessary.  Cyclops is then a tragic pawn of fate; he had to fall from grace so that Hope could take the reigns from him and save mutantkind.  It's a cool story and it's made Cyclops into one of my favourite characters.  I'm glad Marvel delivered on their promise that this would not be a clear cut good vs. evil story.  It should also be said that the artwork in this series remained amazing throughout, with Marvel committing some serious talent to each issue. 

There were a few hiccups; had Marvel not annoyingly leaked Charles Xavier's death to the press, I would not be able to tell by Oliver Coipel's rendition of the scene if Xavier had actually died or had just been knocked unconscious.  And it would have been nice if Xavier played a bigger role in the story in the issues prior to #11.  As it stands, it feels like he showed up just so the series could have an obligatory big character death.  Also, why did we need the Hulk recruitment scene at the beginning of #11?  The Hulk is already an Avenger, and furthermore doesn't do anything for the rest of the series.

On a side note, one can't help but grin at the irony of Wolverine giving the eulogy at Xavier's funeral.  Y'know, because Wolverine's never committed atrocities while under the influence of an outside force before...  Oh wait...

More like this please.


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