Minimum Carnage: Alpha

Posted by bulletproofsponge 11 October 2012

This is part one of a six part story that crosses over between Venom, Scarlet Spider, and this little Carnage book. As Spidey fans, we all love it when the Spider-Man looking characters all appear together in a story. This is exactly that, except for the appearance of Spider-Man himself probably..

The Story
The first page shows our main character - Cletus Casady, being freed by someone we don't know. Three hours later, dozens of men are killed in Colorado's Maximum Security prison. We then have Agent Venom on the case, scared as hell, but not showing it to the men he is leading.

Venom, tries to put the pieces together as he does his best to figure out what took place in the prison.

Two hours later, we have a few ordinary cops complaining about not having any chance finding Carnage driving a car. In case you didn't know, they were conducting a police check on the road. Strangely enough however, they did find Cletus Kasady, calmly driving a car. The cops try to stop him, but are killed by a seemingly invisible person.

Meanwhile, Venom is still cracking his head, looking at the security footage at what appears to be an invisible killer. It isn't long however until he notices that the killer is not invisible, but is in fact very tiny. He also gets his explanation as to why Carnage was not destroyed. Apparently the symbiote has bonded itself into Cletus' DNA and cannot be killed. This news alarms Flash for a second.

After checking with a source about really tiny killers, Venom is led to his next clue - a project called Prometheus Pit in Houston.

Two days later, we see Kaine, swinging around as Scarlet Spider. He notices a building on fire and goes in to rescue survivors. He get a little shocked however when he sees body parts lying on the floor. Not wasting any time however, he grabs the only survivor and leaves. The survivor is terrified of Kaine, or rather the Scarlet Spider.

Later at the hospital, Kaine learns that the man witnessed the attack by a character who looked like the Scarlet Spider. The terrified man also says that the killer was going after his wife.

In a Space Center somewhere, a Dr Ketola is being interviewed by Katy Kiernan (girl from Venom) regarding her efforts to rekindle the efforts of a Dr Phillip Prometheus. In between the interview, Kasady pops in, asking about the Prometheus Pit as well. He is stopped by the Scarlet Spider, who tries to kill Carnage immediately. Carnage is taken aback at Spider-Man's new style. It doesn't take him long however to realize that he is not fighting the real Spider-Man.

Though the element of surprise was on Kaine's side, he is taken down pretty quick by Carnage's new tiny friends. The tiny guys then mind control Dr Ketola to activate the Prometheus pit. We find out that Carnage had an agreement with the tiny guys and he was promised a new world of new people to kill.

Carnage then throws the reporter into the pit and jumps in himself, soon disappearing. ( I think Dr Ketola might have gone in as well ) Before Kaine can get back to his feet, he is stopped by Agent Venom!

I might have missed something in the Scarlet Spider series, but does Kaine not care about his secret identity? In the hospital he was hanging around without his mask! Other than that, everything in this issue seemed perfectly sane.

The artwork was great. I loved how Kaine was able to identify that the murder committed by Carnage was not ordinary, being a murderer himself. Obviously, my favorite scene in this whole issue is the full page inserted above, where Carnage mistakes Kaine for the real Spider-Man.

Kaine is making it really clear that he is not Spider-Man at all! Thumbs up for Kaine!

As far as Venom goes, he is just an extra character to me. Unlike, Kaine, who is probably good deep down, but tries to be bad, Venom tries really hard to be good. At the end of the day however, we all know that as noble as Flash may be, he is carrying a time bomb as a fully evil living suit!

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