Avenging Spider-Man #12-13 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 24 November 2012

Spidey and Deadpool team up...  Madness ensues...  You know the drill...

The Story - Avenging Spider-Man #12

Peter Parker is having that nightmare we've all had at some point where we manage to walk into our high school wearing nothing but our underwear.  But Peter isn't having your typical pantsless dream, because Deadpool is also there, shooting everything that moves.  Deadpool explains to Peter that a supervillain is attempting to control Peter's mind and that he's been charged with helping Peter navigate through his dreams so he can wake up.  The way to do this is to travel through four levels of dreams until Peter eventually reaches consciousness.  What follows is Spider-Man and Deadpool battling R.P.G. nerds, homicidal shop teachers, and the breakfast club. 

Eventually, Spider-Man wakes up in prison, where Deadpool reveals that he was controlling Spider-Man all along so that Spidey could help break out his employer, the Hypno-Hustler (who has promised Deadpool that he's found a way to kill him, which is apparently what Deadpool wants), out of jail.

Avenging Spider-Man #13

Deadpool and a new and improved Hypno-Hustler (thanks to his cellmate, the Tinkerer) attack Spider-Man, who is forced to retreat.  Hypno-Hustler reveals that Deadpool put a transmitter on Spider-Man's mask which allows him to hypnotize Spidey from anywhere.

Elsewhere in the prison, Spidey is feeling the effects of the Hypno Hustler's power.  As Hypno-Hustler lets ordinary prisoners and C-list supervillains out of their cells, Spider-Man sees them as his deadliest adversaries.  Despite the hypnosis, Spider-Man is able to take them all down, so the Hustler hypnotizes Deadpool to go and kill Spider-Man.  The plan fails however, because Spider-Man is able to guess Deadpool's release word: Ryan Reynolds. 

Spidey and Deadpool take down Hypno-Hustler before he escapes, but Spidey isn't through yet with Deadpool.  He is able to use the Hypno Hustler's goggles to hypnotize Deadpool into experiencing the hallucinations he experienced at the beginning of the story, leaving Deadpool doing the time warp in a prison cell.


Kevin Shinick (of Robot Chicken fame) delivered a fun two part story here.  Issue #12 was particularly strong, in no small part due to Aaron Kuder's artwork.  You can tell Kuder had a good time packing the issue with all sorts of crazy visuals; it's worth a re-read because your bound to notice something you didn't the first time around.  I was disappointed that Spidey's high school supporting cast scantly appeared in the issue though.  Seeing Deadpool give Flash Thompson a swirly for instance, would have instantly made the issue worth $3.99.  It felt like a missed opportunity.

Issue #13 played out more like a typical Spider-Man/Deadpool team up.  It's always fun to read these two characters interacting, and Hypno-Hustler's inclusion ensured that all the typical jokes about disco and the 70's were found here.  You'll definitely have a smile on your face by the time the story ends, and really, what more could you ask for?  

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