Ultimate Comics Spider-Man v2 #16.1 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 10 November 2012

Betty Brant investigates the new Spider-Man!

The Story

Betty Brant sits at her computer reviewing the footage of the Prowler's death.  She is able to isolate the last words the Prowler said to Spider-Man before he died.

The next day, at a meeting at the Daily Bugle, Betty proposes to J. Jonah Jameson about doing a story about the new Spider-Man, suggesting that him and the Prowler were related.  With the okay from Jameson, Betty conducts an investigation into who the Prowler was, leading her to his old apartment.  As Betty searches the empty apartment she finds the body of the spider that bit Miles Morales and gave him his powers.  Betty then confronts the former Oscorp scientist who worked with the genetically altered spiders.  The scientist tells her it was a genetically altered spider that gave Peter Parker his spider powers and suggests the possibility that it might have happened again with the new Spider-Man.  Betty next spies on Miles Morales and his family as they return home from a movie.

Betty tells Jameson that she believes that the new Spider-Man is Miles' father.  Jameson tells Betty that he is not going to run the story, saying all it will accomplish is the destruction of the man's life and family.  Betty storms out of the room, telling J.J. that if he won't run the story, she'll find someone who will.

But when Betty returns to her apartment, she is murdered by Venom!


These point one issues are supposed to be good jumping on points for new readers, so I have to question why Marvel would release this while Ultimate Spider-Man is currently in the middle of a storyline.  Won't a new reader get confused if they pick up issue #17 and find that it's not a continuation of this one?

The story itself was well done, with the highlight being Brian Michael Bendis' portrayal of Jameson, who comes off as the hard ass publisher with unshakable integrity.  Bendis' J.J. isn't as fun as the 616 version, but he is more human.  By contrast, the Ultimate version of Betty Brant was pretty unlikable, and her death at the end of the story doesn't provoke much of a response.  However, it is interesting that Venom would murder her in the first place.

This point one issue serves as a well done, if unconventional introduction to the origin of Miles Morales, as well as a cool teaser for things to come.             

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