Avenging Spider-Man #14-15 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 28 December 2012

Gabriele Dell'Otto + Spider-Man = Awesome.

The Story - Avenging Spider-Man #14

The story opens with Spider-Man fighting fire breathing dinosaurs in the Savage Land.  He is eventually joined by Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy.  After the fight, Spidey attempts to explain to Moon-Boy how he got to the Savage Land.  Turns out that Peter Parker arrived as part of a scientific outing with the crew from Horizon Labs.  As soon as they entered the Savage Land, Peter's spider-sense began to tingle so he stepped away from the group to clear his head as soon as they set up camp.  When Peter returned to the camp, he witnessed the Horizon crew get kidnapped by dinosaurs.  Despite not understanding a word Spidey said, Moon-Boy is able to lead him to the cave where his friends are being held!

Avenging Spider-Man #15

At Moon-Boy's behest, Devil Dinosaur attacks the kidnapper's stronghold, which is being guarded by several augmented dinosaurs.  While Devil keeps the dinosaurs distracted, Spider-Man and Moon-Boy sneak into the cave.  After making sure his friends are okay (without them seeing him) Spider-Man makes his way further into the cave and discovers that the kidnapper is none other than Brainchild!  Brainchild explains that he kidnapped the Horizon scientists so that they could help him bolster his defenses while he experimented on dinosaur eggs.  Brainchild then unveils his newest creation: a giant T-Rex he calls Demon Dinosaur!  Spider-Man and Moon-Boy run out of the cave with Brain Child and Demon following them.  As soon as they make it out, Devil Dinosaur attacks Demon.  During the dinosaur battle, Moon-Boy is able to knock out Brainchild.  Upon seeing this, Demon Dinosaur runs away, his heart not really in the battle.  As Spider-Man changes back into Peter, Moon-Boy releases the Horizon scientists.  As they all board a plane and head home, Moon-Boy and Devil witness the eggs Brainchild was experimenting on hatch.


I've always been a fan of the Ditko-esque way Dell'Otto draws Spider-Man, so it was great to see him draw Spidey again.  The interiors of the book don't feature Dell'Otto's painted style as seen on the covers, but these are still two great looking comics.  Meanwhile, Cullen Bunn provides the fun, over-the-top all ages story that Avenging Spider-Man usually excels at telling.  Kids will enjoy the eye popping artwork and action while older readers will chuckle at the wealth of humour the story provides.  

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