Venom #28 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 03 January 2013

Looks like intrepid reporter Katy Kiernan has gotten herself into trouble again.  This looks like a job for Superm...  I mean, Venom!

The Story - "The Land where the Killers Dwell"

At the Gallery Mall in Philadelphia people suddenly begin to disappear at random.  Meanwhile, at a gym in New York City, Flash Thompson spars/flirts with Valkyrie until he gets a phone call from Katy Kiernan telling him that something is going down in Philadelphia that he may want to investigate.  Before she can tell him what, Katy stumbles across the U-Foes and is kidnapped.

Venom arrives in Philadelphia and searches Katy's apartment for clues.  The apartment is then attacked by the U-Foes who want all the evidence Katy collected on them destroyed.  After a long battle, the U-Foes are able to fry Venom and complete their mission.  They then head back to their hideout where Katy is being held captive.  The U-Foes prepare to test their equipment on Katy...


Just look at the cover of Venom #28: Venom jumps out at the reader, his sharp teeth and tongue on full display, guns-a-blazing in each hand, with shoulder spikes, knee pads, and pouches around his waist.  Sure it's over-the-top, but I doubt any self respecting 8 year old who sees this cover won't think Venom is the coolest book on the stands.  I'm not knocking it.  More young kids should be reading comics and badassery has always been the key to Venom's popularity. 

While this issue is a good choice for young readers, I wasn't enthralled by it.  This title seems to be falling into a rut.  The book used to be about a black ops Spider-Man going on secret missions for the government, but Cullen Bunn has taken it in a more offbeat supernatural/sci fi direction that I find myself enjoying less and less.  The U-Foes aren't very interesting villains and Katy Kiernan is like Lois Lane and Norah Winters, only less memorable.  I'm not sure I'll stick with this title for much longer; it's just not for me.       

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