Avenging Spider-Man #18

Posted by Spiderfan001 24 May 2013

Electro seeks revenge against the god of thunder!  Can the Superior Spider-Man stop his former colleague?

The Story

Electro returns to Earth determined to get revenge on Thor, who shot him into space during Ends of the Earth.  Electro quickly enlists the help of A.I.M. to kill Thor.

Otto Octavius detects Electro's energy signature and, as Spider-Man, attempts to warn Thor that Electro is back and may attack him.  Thor however, brushes Spidey off, not considering Electro a threat.  Spider-Man eventually tracks Electro down to one of A.I.M.'s laboratories.  Despite Spidey's intervention, A.I.M. is able to transform Electro into an anti-matter version of himself by converting his energy form's electrons to protons.

Electro quickly moves to attack Thor with Spider-Man following close behind.  Spidey warns Thor that direct contact between his lightning and Electro's anti-matter would cause an explosion that could level New York State.  As Thor and Electro duke it out, Spidey is able to build a device from the equipment in A.I.M.'s laboratory that is able to destroy the protons in Electro's energy form, thus saving the day.

Back in his underwater lair, Spider-Man muses over how Thor was willing to sacrifice his life to save New York, and wonders how far he is willing to go to get what he wants as he looks over Sandman and the newly captured Electro.


Chris Yost continues to show that he has a great knack for writing Otto Octavius as Spider-Man as he manages to successfully show Otto slowly growing as a character.  Although his arrogance remains high, the fact that Otto was still able to gain some measure of respect for Thor by the end of the story is a significant step for the character.  But just when we think that Otto is growing into his new role as a hero, Yost gives us a scene like the one at the end of this issue showing just how twisted this new Spider-Man is, with Otto keeping both the Sandman and Electro in glass jars, like bugs caught in a spider's web.  Otto's unique approach to crime fighting continues to lead to some very cool, very different Spider-Man stories. 

Taking over from Paco Medina on art duties is the very talented Mark Checchetto.  Checchetto's pencils are detailed and clear, continuing the trend of Avenging being a great looking comic book and an essential companion to Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man.    

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