Avenging Spider-Man #20-21

Posted by Spiderfan001 24 June 2013

Spider-Man infiltrates SHIELD!

Issue #20

The KGB hires a group called the Saints to kill the Chameleon, who is currently in SHIELD custody.

In Upstate New York, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson version) and a group of SHIELD agents infiltrate an AIM cell only to discover that Spider-Man has already taken it down.  Fury brings Spider-Man to the Helicarrier for a debriefing where they are soon joined by Hawkeye, Black Widow and Phil Coulson.  As Spider-Man participates in the debrief, his spider-bots slowly infiltrate SHIELD to help him fulfil his true purpose: break the Chameleon out of the Helicarrier! 

The Helicarrier is soon attacked by the Saints, who have an easy time of it thanks to the spider-bots dismantling the Helicarrier's defenses.  Spider-Man is able to break away from the chaos and make his way to the Chameleon's cell, only to discover that he has killed his doctors and is now wearing one of their faces.  Vowing not to let the Chameleon escape, Spider-Man fights his way through the Saints but is stopped in his tracks by the incredible Hulk!

Issue #21

Spider-Man dodges the Hulk long enough for him to be sucked out of a hole in the Helicarrier made by the Saints' ship.  After fighting through more of the Saints with SHIELD and the Avengers (including the Hulk who manages to jump back onto the Helicarrier), Spider-Man is able to break away and face off against both the Chameleon and one of the Saints alone.  Spider-Man is able to knock them both out and use the teleporter on the Saint to teleport the Chameleon to his underwater lair.  Spidey then gives Fury the location of the Saints' ship, telling him the Chameleon is aboard.  SHIELD is able to successfully destroy the ship, and Spider-Man adds another member of the Sinister Six to his collection.


With these two issues Chris Yost turned in yet another fun Spider-Man story.  I'm enjoying the moral ambiguity at play in Otto's actions as he once again collects another member of the Sinister Six for an as yet unknown purpose.  But the real star of this storyline was Mark Checchetto, who conveyed the chaos on every page beautifully.  My favourite sequence was the final showdown between Spidey and the Chameleon, which thanks to Rachelle Rosenberg's use of colours was dark and ominous, much like the Chameleon's psyche.



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