Superior Spider-Man 20

Posted by bulletproofsponge 06 November 2013


This was to be the issue that Dan Slott said would be an iconic issue in which people will look back years from now on this issue and say, "Oh, that's when this happened." There were a number of changes that took place in this issue that could have lasting consequences.

The story

The issue begins with a flashback several months ago, when Peter Parker died in Ock's body. At that moment, Madame Web, who was in coma at the time wakes up shouting that ".. very soon all the spiders will die!"

Elsewhere a really fat anonymous bedridden person from the same hospital is asking about Otto Octavius. Upon hearing that Otto is dead ( the world thinks he is dead) the person goes berserk.

The scene switches to the Superior Spider-Man, who calls Anna Maria confirming a dinner date with her. While on the phone, he gets a notification from his spiderbots that the Black Cat is committing a theft.
Spider-Man soon confronts the Black Cat and punches her tooth out! ( Status change no. 1)  He beats her up and webs her up for the cops. Leaving the beaten Felicia Hardy very furious. ( End of Felicia Hardy in this issue, do not be deceived by the cover page!)

Later that night, "Peter Parker" brings Anna Maria on a dinner date on a Spider's Web. He has improved the web so that it does not dissolve until he allows it to. Peter also asks Anna Maria to work by his side in his new business - Parker Industries. ( Status change # 2)

The next day we see Jameson Sr. and Aunt May helping Peter get his business loan approved for Parker Industries with Sajani from Horizon Labs as his Vice President.

Meanwhile, Carlie, with new evidence against the current Spider-Man, decides she will bring her information to the Avengers. She also makes a call to MJ telling her to stay away from Peter. Mary Jane however does not answer as she is is busy heading to the firestation to hit on the fireman that saved her recently- Pedro Olivera. ( Possible status change # 3 if things get serious)

MJ, dressed very nicely, tries her " Face it tiger, you just hit the Jackpot" move, but is greeted by a wet dog who dirties her nice clothes. Fireman, Pedro, who goes by the name Ollie, comes out apologizing to her, inviting her for coffee.

In another scene, we see that on Peter's big day, he is denied his Doctorate because Dr Lamaze notices that Peter's work is a copy of Dr Otto Octavius' work! Peter decides he must destroy Dr Lamaze before he can destroy everything he has worked for. ( No status change here since Peter didn't get his doctorate.. yet)

Finally, we see the fat character from earlier in the issue, is actually the obsessed lover of Dr Octopus from the 90's who has a secret identity as "Stunner." Preparing to take revenge on the Superior Spider-Man


I really have no interest in the Stunner, as I see it as a side story which can probably be brushed away a few issues from now. Then again, I may be wrong and she might play an important role in exposing Doctor Octopus!

Unless I missed another possible status change somewhere in this issue, I would say that the biggest change to me would be Felicia having her tooth knocked out. It's unlikely that she wont get it filled with a gold tooth or something, but years down the road when people see her with a missing tooth, they can look back and say, " Oh, that happened in issue 20." Things could really change for the Black cat and Spider-Man from here on. In fact, it would not be surprising to see her become one of his worst enemies as opposed to a 'frienemy' like before.

As for Parker Industries, it doesn't look too promising to me. It is too much of a copy of Stark Industries. When the real Peter finally does return, I don't think he will be managing Parker Industries for very long.

So, what's the worst that could result from this issue. In my opinion, probably, Mary Jane hooking up with this Fireman, getting pregnant, and having a kid. That would be a real game changer for Spider-Man comics!

Once again, Octavius creates more damage to Peter Parker's life, making it almost impossible to fix. Supposing Parker Industries becomes successful, it's unlikely Peter is going to close it down immediately, especially since Aunt May seems to fancy the idea a lot. If he keeps Parker Industries however, it would also mean that he won't be telling Aunt May about his 'death,' which will mean he will not have a good excuse for everything wrong the current 'Peter Parker' is doing.

Good Luck Pete! Cheers.

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