Superior Spider-Man # 21

Posted by bulletproofsponge 19 November 2013


Following the fast paced events of the last few issues, we have issue 21, giving us a little breather. In other words, this issue is not too exciting.

It begins with Betty Brant returning to work at the Bugle. Not long after she steps in, an angry giant muscular woman comes bursting through the wall, looking for Spider-Man. Robbie explains that things have changed over the last few months and that Spider-Man is no long on good terms with the Bugle. He also mentions that Spider-Man will track her down on his own if she continues to commit crime.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker is devastated that Dr Lamaze has accused him of stealing the work of Dr Otto Octavius. He begins thinking of all sorts of ways to solve the problem.

He then changes into Spider-Man and begins cooking up a solution when he receives a call from his team on spider island, informing him of Stunner reappearance. Spider-Man proceeds to confront Stunner personally.

He learns that she had woken up from her vegetative state when she heard the news that Dr Octopus was killed.

Elsewhere, Carlie goes to Dr Octopus' grave, to mourn for Peter. However the ground beneath her gives way and she finds that the grave is empty! She is then kidnapped by an unknown character.

For readers who do not know much about Stunner, this issue will give you a slight crash course on her history during the conversation. She was the girlfriend of Doc Ock who sacrificed herself to save his life when he was killed by Kaine. As a result she ended up in a vegetative state, until she heard the news of his death.

Spider-Man eventually webs Stunner up after realizing that there is no way she is going to accept his explanation. He then gets his men on spider island to track where the source of the hologram is coming from. ( Stunner is actually a hologram controlled remotely by Angelina.)

Stunner however breaks free from the webs, tracks Spider-Man down, who is at the University campus, and throws a bus at him. Spider-Man dodges the bus, which then heads for Dr Lamaze and Anna Maria.

To sum it all, nobody gets hurt as Spider-Man saves everybody while losing his four mechanical arms to Stunner in the process. The spiderbots eventually track down the holographic Stunner to its source and shut it down.

Spider-Man then goes to visit Angelina, steals her equipment and appears to her as a Dr Octopus hologram. He explains that he is still alive, and that they can no longer be together as he has found a new love. With the new hologram, Spider-Ock, pays a visit to Dr Lamaze, as Dr Octopus, convincing him to give Peter Parker the doctorate.

All ends well for Peter Octopus in this issue. Quite the opposite however can be said about Carlie, whom we find out was kidnapped by Menace, and taken to the Goblin King. The Goblin King then reads Carlie's journal and is fascinated by her findings!


Being 'not a fan' of Stunner, I didn't find this issue particularly amusing. Dr Octopus has made Peter Parker a Dr., and has also gotten a hold of Angelina's holographic tech.

But like all good tv series, the ending of this issue makes the whole issue worth the read. Questions like, what happened to Dr Octopus' body, and what the new Goblin King will do with his new found information about Spider-Man, will cause any reader to want to continue reading Superior Spider-Man.

It was great to see Betty Brant back in the Bugle. I thought the coincidence of Betty returning and Stunner breaking the wall to make it feel like the old days again was fantastic.

I look forward to seeing what Spider-Ock will do with his Dr Octopus hologram in the future. This would certainly be used as a stumbling block, or cause for doubt when the Avengers or whoever else come close to finding out that Spider-Man is really Ock himself.

Unfortunately I don't have too much else to say about this issue, so.. may the force be with you!

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