Amazing Spider-Man # 700.3

Posted by bulletproofsponge 19 December 2013


THE BLACK LODGE: Convalescence 

This issue is really a pretty good issue with a story about Peter I have never read before. I'm not sure if there was any reference to the events of this issue ever taking place before, but as far as the story is concerned, this takes a huge leap compared to the last two (Amazing Spider-Man 700.1 and 700.2)

The Story

This story begins in Queens, soon after Peter has left his aunt's place. As he narrates to himself, he is feeling a little sluggish after eating one too many pies and can't seem to take down Firebrand, a class B villain who usually is not a problem.

Somehow, Spider-Man manages to get himself choked and burnt terribly by Firebrand in the midst of battle. Firebrand, after using all his powers to burn Spider-Man, falls unconscious. An suspicious looking black ambulance soon arrives and picks up both the bodies.

We soon find out that there is a secret hospital for super villains who get beat up. This 'hospital' specializes in treating crooks who would otherwise have no way of receiving medical treatment in a normal hospital. ( Who would have thought of that)

Anyway, Spider-Man's burnt, unrecognizable body is mistaken for a villains' and he is brought into the medical ward. Spider-Man's body is immediately brought to the operating room, where he is operated on by Surgeon General, a creepy looking surgeon who is supposed to be the best in the facility. No one in the ward can seem to identify who this badly burnt person is.

The people in the Emergency Room managed to cut off Spidey's web shooters, but were still clueless. (idiots). Anyhow, Peter eventually wakes up after the operation, wrapped up like a mummy. The doctor comes in and explains that due to his healing factor, no skin graft was necessary.

After more rest, Peter moves around the facility in a wheel chair and meets other villains, bad mouthing SHIELD and the Avengers. Before long, Peter realizes what kind of hospital he is in and begins to plan an escape as soon as he is fit enough.

In another room, we see that Firebrand has finally gained consciousness and has told the nurse that the burnt man is Spider-Man. The nurse rushes to inform Surgeon General, whom after examining the web shooters, already knows that Spider-Man was his burnt patient.


This was a great story featuring Peter Parker, terribly burnt to the point that he is unrecognizable. Once again, I'm pretty sure Superior Spider-Man would have had a fireproof suit or something. Even Scarlet Spider's suit is fireproof. Let's also try not to think about why Spider-Man's spider sense didn't warn him that he was about to be chocked and burnt.

Regardless, the fact that there exist such a hospital for villains that has not yet been heard about is really fascinating. Apart from the Surgeon General, the other nurses look pretty normal. I doubt that this is an organization run by super-villains for super-villains since it seems to be employing rather ordinary looking staff.

Will Spider-Man actually shut this place down after he comes out? I'm not so sure, Guess we gotta keep reading.

Note: There is also a second story that comes in this issue featuring the Black Cat... which will not be reviewed here today. 

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