Amazing Spider-Man # 700.4

Posted by bulletproofsponge 20 December 2013


The Black Lodge: Voluntary Discharge

After realizing where he is, Peter Parker, concludes that if the good guys have the Night Nurse to go to when they are badly beat up, so it's logical that the bad guys have their own place as well. 

In a meeting in another room, Surgeon General informs all the staff that Spider-Man is a patient in the building. It appears that all the nurses and staff in the building seem to hate good guys for some reason, even though they look perfectly normal. 

The Surgeon General reassures everyone in the room that there is nothing to worry about. He reminds the staff of their oath and that they should continue to treat all who are in the ward as usual. What he does not say is that he plans to inform the other sick bad guys that Spider-Man is injured, and in the building, intending to hint to them to kill him. 

Anyhow, Peter is visited by the doctor, who checks up on him. He also sends a harmless nurse to fix up Peter's dressings. 

Later however a number of crooks, including Shocker are approached and asked if they would like to finish off the weak Spider-Man. Shocker refuses to join in, wanting to stay as far as possible from Spider-Man. He pays his medical bills and leaves ASAP.

Some other B-Class criminals however accept the offer and attack Peter later that night. To cut the review short, the injured Peter manages to beat the criminals silly. A nurse tries to get back up by waking Firebrand from coma. Unfortunately she does not succeed and Firebrand goes into a fits and sets the whole 'hospital' on fire. 

Proving that he really is a good guy, Spider-Man saves the crooks he beat up, who tried to kill him by taking them out of the burning building before leaving himself. 

As the staff and the Surgeon General leave the burning building, one of the staff question as to why they did not simply give Spider-Man a poison injection. The Surgeon General replies stating that he made a promise to his benefactor that they are healers, and all their patients must be treated by him and his staff. 


This Black Lodge seems to have a further purpose as is repeatedly implied several times in the issue. Who the benefactor of this whole operation actually is, I am not sure. However, I reckon he/ she must be someone good of some ranking in order to secretly sanction a place like this.

As for the staff, my only conclusion about the ordinary looking staff and why they would want to help criminals would be that these staff are all relatives of crooks who were killed in the past. It could be possible that they hold a grudge against heroes and want to help the bad guys. ( A little far fetched I know )

It was not the best ending for a story that had much potential at the start. However, the way it ended left it open to possibilities for a continuation.

Overall, a great concept, new story, with an average ending. Moral of the story, don't try to beat spidey, even in the hospital.

Story 2:
The Never Ending Beat-Down of Casey Mitchell

This is a second sub story about a kid who is continuously bullied at school. One day, he tells the bullies to stop because Spider-Man has his back. The bully gives him 24 hours to prove it. If Spider-Man does not appear, he will receive the beating of a lifetime. 

The poor kid eventually gets Spider-Man's attention by setting a tenement on fire. Spider-Man refuses to back the kid up, saying that what he did was careless and irresponsible ( not in those words). 

At the end of the day however, our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man does come to aid the kid after all, but not in the way that you think. 

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