Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 19 December 2013


After the last issue- Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 4, I decided to take a break from reviewing this title, being not too impressed with the previous story. This story however is actually pretty good and worth reviewing. 

It all begins soon after Superior Spider-Man # 18, where Horizon Labs was shut down and Alchemax took over the show. It is also the issue where Miguel O'Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099 got stuck in the current timeline. 

In this issue, Alchemax has caught fire. The Superior Spider-Man at first watches in delight, but finally decides that he should intervene, seeing that the fire was caused by a team of super-villains called the wrecking crew. 

Meanwhile, Miguel O'Hara, who has been working at Alchemax eavesdrops on the bad guy's conversation, discovering that they are looking for a device called the Quantum Particle Engine( QPE), being developed by Alchemax. Miguel finds out that according to the future's history books, this prototype energy conduit is going to blow up most of New York in three days time. 

Miguel is about to change to Spider-Man 2099 when the Superior Spider-Man arrives... with the "Superior Six." Spider-Man's greatest enemies have become his allies in this issue. 

To try to cut this long story short, during the battle, Spider-Man begins experiencing head pains whenever his team members get hit. Sun girl, who was at the scene during the battle, takes notice of this and tries to offer Spider-Man some help. It is soon revealed to the reader that the Superior Six are actually being mind controlled by Spider-Man to work together as a team. 

For a short period, Spider-Man loses control and the Sinister Six revert to their normal selves. With this, Spider-Man concludes that it was too early to bring the team out, stating that the mind controlling device needs more work. 

Spider-Man and the Superior Six eventually subdue the wrecking crew, and takes the QPE, and an injured Sungirl with him, back to Spider Island. 

The wrecking crew return to their employer, demanding more pay as their encounter with the Superior Six was not anticipated. Their employer, turns out to be the Lightmaster, who tells the crew that Spider-Man will now have to face him and his Masters of Evil.

Lightmaster and the Masters of evil  sounds like it came from the same era as He-Man. While the name is absolutely retarded, the Lightmaster's costume is actually pretty cool. 

One of the bigger complaints I had with this title is that there was never much teamwork involved. While this issue makes it seem as though there is finally some team efforts introduced, we later find out that it is actually all Dr Octopus running the show... again.

The art and new costumes of the Sinister Six is actually quite good. I liked the whole Black and Red theme that Dr Ock decided to dress his team members with.

As for Sungirl, I'm not too sure what to make of her just yet. She seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever it is, she has now witnessed the inside of Spider-Island. Also Spider-Man seems to take a particular interest in her super powers, which can't be too good. 

Does her powers, which is mostly just blasting light, have anything to do with the Lightmaster? 

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