Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 6

Posted by bulletproofsponge 19 December 2013


Following the events of Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 5, the whole city begins to notice how Spider-Man has, on numerous occasions been teaming up with his ex worst enemies. 

The Avengers, Jonah Jameson, Carlie Cooper, the new Sinister Six, and SHIELD are all watching Spider-Man as he and the Superior Six took out a Hydra Dreadnought on television. All the while, when back in his own base, Spider-Man receives threats from Electro and the rest of the team for mind controlling them and risking their lives out in battle.

Still having not examined the QPE, from the last issue, Spider-Man stores it over at Parker Industries for safekeeping. He later regrets this decision however after he realizes how much power it holds and that it should be kept at a more secure location.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to Selah Burke, who after class decides to change into her alter ego - Sun Girl! As Sun Girl, she flies around town looking for crime to stop I suppose. She comes across Whilrwind, whom she finds out is creating a nuisance to get the attention of the Superior Six. The Six to show up soon after, only to realize that they have been tricked and cornered by the Masters of Evil. ( Well technically only Spider-Ock realized since the rest of the team is mind controlled)

It doesn't take long for Spider-Man to realize that he is being distracted, and that someone elsewhere is busy stealing the QPE from Parker Industries.

Spider-Man does his best to defeat the Masters of Evil and the Wrecking team with his Superior Six, with intent to rush back to Parker Industries. Unfortunately for him, the process takes longer than he had hoped, and his team is soon trashed, again resulting in feedback to his brain.

Unable to waste any more time trying to win the battle, Spidey prepares to leave the scene to obtain the QPE, leaving the outcome of the battle to fate instead of his careful planning. He is too late however as the Lightmaster arrives before Spider-Man can leave, holding the QPE.

At first Spider-Man is stunned that this B-Class villain is the mastermind behind it all, recruiting the Masters of Evil and the Wrecking Crew. For a brief moment, the Masters of Evil are also stunned by Spider-Man's disdain for their leader, as he commented that the Lightmaster would not even know how to work the machine! Unsure of what to do, the Masters of Evil just stand around,( quite comically actually.)

By the end of the issue, the Lightmaster loses control of the QPE, which ends up in Sun Girl's hands. Spider-Man instructs Sun Girl to use her light powers like her father did and blast the QPE.

A bright light flashes and palm trees, ships, and a lot of sand end up where they were all standing. Spider-Man turns around to see that Sandman, with the abundant supply of sand, and the rest of the team have broken lose of his mind control and are hungry for blood!


The way the battles in this story is written and illustrated are very good. We see exactly what is going on in the mind of Dr Ock, and how he makes the best of each of his team members. Strangely however, in this issue, Ock seems to have made a number of mistakes/ miscalculations, resulting in the mess he is currently in.

Its unfortunate that poor Sun Girl is following in the foot steps of the fake Spider-Man, doing everything he says, most probably not knowing why. I'm not entirely sure how the QPE device worked, or why it brought a beach and ships to the city. The QPE is supposed to be a type of teleportation device as mentioned earlier in the issue.

Did the Masters of Evil get replaced with a beach? If so, how are the Sinister Six members still around and not teleported elsewhere as well.

We also know that a few issues ahead, Spider-Man is going to start having a lot of problem with his involvement with the Six from SHIELD, the Avengers and everyone else.

I'm not sure the reveal that Sun Girl's father is the Lightmaster was very necessary (I failed to mention this part in my synopsis) and don't think this will really do much to improve the story.

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