Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 7-8

Posted by bulletproofsponge 20 December 2013


Since I am behind schedule in the reviews, and issue 7 & 8 are sort of both part of the same story line, I thought I'd just mash them up into one review.

Issue 7 is essentially the conclusion of the the story involving the new Superior Six, which has been told in Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 5, and Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 6.

At the end of the last issue, Spider-Man is in deep $#!T with the real Sinister Six. He had been mind controlling them to work together for him as a team. They just broke free of his control and are ready for blood!

It begins with Spider-Man waking up, after clearly being knocked out. He sees, the Green Goblin and
Kraven the Hunter. He soon realizes that it is actually the Chameleon when he sees Dr. Octopus as well. (Which wouldn't make sense because he is Dr Octopus!)

It is implied that Sun Girl died while he was knocked out. Spider-Man blames himself for her death. Nothing to worry about however because Sun Girl appears somewhere else in the city quite randomly soon after and manages to save her father, who was free falling from the sky after being dropped by the Vulture.

Electro then uses his electrical powers to start the QPE, just like how the Lightmaster and Sun Girl did in the earlier issues. Spider-Man warns him however that the result will be different since his powers are not based on light. After saving her falling father, Sun Girl frees Spider-Man, and the two work together to take out the Sinister 5, ( because Ock isn't there )

Sun Girl easily takes care of Mysterio and Vulture, while Spider-Man takes care of Electro and Vulture. Spider-Man then proceeds to reason with Sandman, who is now giant sized. Sandman tells Spider-Man how he has lost all faith in him. He states that he used to believe in Spider-Man, but all that faith is destroyed now. In a scene where I'm not really sure what happened, it appears as though Sun Girl fires a sunbeam through Sandman's head, causing him to collapse and disappear.( Whaaa?)

Unfortunately, the QPE is still activated and is about to explode, but Sun Girl manages to shoot it, so it breaks, thus preventing whatever it was about to do ( explode I suppose)

The story ends with Sun Girl leaving Spider-Man, ashamed that she wanted to be just like him. In the final scene, we see Thor coming to presumably apprehend Spider-Man.

I assume the bad guys all ran away because we don't see them again after that.


This issue begins in a scene that I also don't understand. We last saw Thor coming to apprehend Spider-Man, but here Spider-Man is being apprehended by the cops. There is no sign of Thor whatsover, so Spidey easily swings away from the cops, telling them that he will surrender himself to the Avengers.

After the events of the last few issues, Spider-Man is deeply ashamed of himself, admitting that Peter Parker was a better Spider-Man who would not have made such a foolish mistake, risking the lives of millions.

On his way to the Avengers tower, Spider-Man witnesses Namor falling from the skies. Namor is being attacked by Wakandans ( Black Panther's people). Namor is fighting a losing battle when Spider-Man decides to come lend him a helping hand. Once safe and sound under the cover of a bridge, Namor tells Spider-Man about the war between Wakanda and Atlantis, resulting from arrogance, pride and a number of atrocities committed by himself.

Namor, being the stuck up, proud character he is, tells Spider-Man how he is going to take responsibility for his actions, even if it means a war. However he states quite clearly that he will not go to the Avengers or anyone else for help. Spider-Man tells Namor how he nearly destroyed New York by trying to take responsibility for his actions, confessing to Namor that he is an inferior Spider-Man, and that he is giving up the mantle. Namor mocks him and attempts to leave, but is attacked again by the Wakandans.

Both Spider-Man and Namor fight the enemy. They soon discover that they have been fighting robots set to self destruct! Namor realizes that his pursuers were not sent by Black Panther as he would not do such a thing. Namor urges Spider-Man to leave the bridge before the robots explode, but Spider-Man refuses, insisting on defusing the bombs. At first, Namor thinks him a fool, but eventually respects him as a better Spider-Man than before, advising him to be superior, not apologizing, never surrendering, and to think of everyone else as weak sheep!

Taking his advice, Spider-Man punches Namor and scolds him for being a fool, endangering the lives of the people of NY, for wanting to allow the bombs to explode. He then swings away, thinking himself to be Superior once again, way above everyone else, including Namor.


The whole story involving the Superior Six was a fantastic story to start with. Unfortunately, the ending was rather rushed with, Sandman dissolving after being shot once in the head, and the life threatening danger of the QPE being nullified by a simple blast from Sun Girl. It also does not make sense why anyone would have thought that Sun Girl was dead.

We know for sure she was not killed in the initial blast because she was still standing when the Superior Six broke free from Spider-Man's control. All the of the sudden, Spider-Man is tied up and everyone, including her father seems to think she is dead. Did I miss something here?

Also, as mentioned earlier, the whole issue with Thor coming to apprehend Spider-Man, and disappearing later makes no sense to me.

I'm glad that issue 7 involved some measure of team up, between Sun Girl and Spider-Man in the very least. As for the bad guys all running away, I found it extremely unrealistic considering the amount of pain they wanted to inflict on Spider-Man earlier.

Talking about issue 8, our Superior Spider-Man was on the right track, almost surrendering himself, even hoping there might be a way to bring Peter Parker back to life. Unfortunately for us Peter Parker fans, Namor of all people had to 'drop by' and offer Spider-Ock some proud advice.

Apart from the fact that Spider-Man and Namor found out that the 'Wakandans' who were chasing him were not really Wakandans, I thought this issue's story line was rather bland. From a start that made no sense considering the end of the last issue, to Spider-Man regaining his snobbish attitude.

It was actually quite nice for a change to see Spider-Ock humble enough not to call himself Superior as depicted in the the panel below.

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