Superior Spider-Man # 26

Posted by bulletproofsponge 06 February 2014

Goblin War

This issue begins with a war between the two goblins - the Goblin King, and the Hobgoblin, aka Roderick Kingsley, happening right in front of a spiderbot, (over run by the goblin protocol hack of course).

In the midst of war, the Green Goblin, or Goblin King, decides to stop the fighting and call for a truce. He then suggests that they not waste their men's lives and fight one another to settle the battle. Hobgoblin gladly agrees to the fight.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is stopped by the Avengers, and is told to come with them as his probation period is over. While this is happening, we also see Peter Parker, inside the mind of Otto Octavious, unable to remember any of his life's memories, except for those that Otto had stolen from him. For a moment he has given up hope, but he soon realizes that the memories he is left with are his core memories that make him who he is. He is now in fact stronger than he ever was!

Returning to the battle between the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin, the two are still fighting, each calling the other a copy. While the original hobgoblin may be a copy of the real Green Goblin, this Hobgoblin does not believe that it is actually Norman Osborn behind the mask he is fighting.

It is not until, the Green Goblin's shirt is torn off, revealing the scar on his abdomen from being pierced by his own glider during his battle with Spider-Man long ago, that the Hobgoblin gives up. Stuck with fear, the Hobgoblin is unable to fight back and is soon killed by the Green Goblin.

Back at the Avenger's tower, Spider-Man is being questioned as to why he deleted the files. Spider-Man gives the excuse of trying to protect his secret identity. When Iron Man insists that they need to run the tests on him as he is a member of the Avengers, Spider-Man leaps out the window saying he quits the Avengers.

While the Green Goblin is celebrating his victory over the Hobgoblin, Phil Urich, now the Goblin Knight decides to double check the body that was killed. He unveils the mask to see that it is not Kingsley who is behind the mask. Fearing that Kingsley's men will not join forces with the Green Goblin if they know that Kingsley is not really dead, Urich proceeds to burn the body.

Meanwhile, elsewhere far way, we see the real Roderick Kingsley, mind controlling another man to think they are the same person through a process called the Winkler Process.. He will later program him with combat training ( don't ask me how this is possible)

It ends with Roderick Kingsley proposing a toast to Norman Osborn.


This issue was pretty average, no where as good as the Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 9, which takes place right after this issue. With separate artists illustrating the different scenes, it makes the issue less pleasurable to read.

The story in this issue as rather simple.

1) Green Goblin kills the Hobgoblin
2) Spider-Man quits the Avengers after being questioned for his behavior
3) Ghost Peter Parker has lost most of his memories, but retains his core memories that define him.

In regards, to Peter's memories, if his amnesia is going to be permanent, it would be quite a shame to have lost memories about Gwen! As the death of Gwen Stacy has become somewhat of a memory that has shaped Spider-Man as a character over the years, fans will not be too happy if this memory loss is permanent.

Being a Mary Jane fan, I'm glad Dr Octopus tapped into Peter's memories with her, early during the Superior Spider-Man run. Also, Peter's memory loss regarding Carlie is not going to help things either. If he really did forget everything, he is going to have a hard time proving to the Avengers, and everyone else that he really is back, when he does return.

That being said, is Peter still a semi genius scientist with all his memories erased? Everything he has experienced of late, including the events that created Alpha, will be erased. It will also be a fair bit harder to get Spider-Man 2099, back to his timeline with Peter's memories of Grady's time machine erased. In fact, Peter may not even remember Spider-Man 2099! Whatever it is, Peter Parker knows he is Spider-Man, and apparently that's all that matters!

That's enough for now. Good day!

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