Superior Spider-Man Team-Up # 9

Posted by bulletproofsponge 06 February 2014

-featuring Daredevil and Punisher

Before starting, it would be helpful to know that this issue takes place between Superior Spider-Man #26 and Superior Spider-Man # 27.

It begins on a quiet night, with the Superior Spider-Man swinging through the streets. Although the night is quiet, he can sense something is not right in the city.

He begins getting shot at, and soon finds out that it is the Punisher who is shooting at him. We also witness a new invention of the Superior Spider-Man - bulletproof webbing.

In an epic scene where Punisher is trying to explain to Spidey that he was not shooting to kill, but shooting to get his attention, we see Daredevil, telling Spider-Man that he instructed the Punisher to shoot at him as he was not answering to any of his usual methods of contact.

Essentially, one of the Punisher's safehouses were broken into, and his goblin glider was stolen. DD asks Spider-Man to prove that he wasn't the one who took it. Spider-Man takes them to his Spider-Island, where he keeps all his confiscated weapons from villains.

When Spider-Man enters the vault however, he soon realizes that it has been emptied! They are immediately attacked by a man, disguised as one of Spider-Man's spider patrol guys. With the help of Daredevil's super hearing, the impostor is soon discovered, straddled with bombs to his body, waiting to blow himself up, awaiting only the instruction of the Goblin King, whom of late has been referring to himself as the Green Goblin.

The Goblin King however never gave the instruction, afraid that Daredevil would be able to recognize his voice. Phil Urich, aka the Goblin Knight, is unhappy that the Goblin King left their mole alone at the hands one Spidey, Daredevil and the Punisher. The Goblin King, associating their plan to a game of chess, states that their mole was a mere pawn. Nevertheless, he was not alone.

Back at Spider Island, the mole is fighting his way out of captivity. He throws a smoke bomb, causing the Punisher to put on his night vision goggles, but then throws a flash bomb, literally blinding the Punisher. Furious, the Punisher throws a knife at the mole upon hearing his voice. ( Much like daredevil)

In the final scene, as Spider-Man tries to get some information from the mole before he dies, he is mocked at, and told about the war that is coming. Spider-Man turns around to see that his whole spider patrol has turned against him, wielding all the super villain weapons he had once confiscated.


I thought this was a brilliant issue from start to finish. The art is consistent and beautiful. The story, is fantastic, being the first episode of the goblin war that has been building up since the start of the Superior Spider-Man's reign.

Several times already the Superior Spider-Man has proven himself to be inferior to the original Amazing Spider-Man. This final blow will be the last that will leave Dr. Octopus embarrassed to the point that he finally acknowledges he is not a Superior Spider-Man.

For months, the Goblin King has been building his army. His latest straw, gathering the spider patrol and turning them against Spider-Man will be a major blow for our 'hero.' What is great about this story is that as readers, we will feel almost no remorse for the Superior Spider-Man, as we all know he is really a crook. It's a sad story about betrayal that we have been waiting to happen.

While initially, I was hoping that the man behind the Goblin King mask was not going to be Norman Osborn, I'm beginning to hope that it actually is him behind the mask. The reason being to further prove to Doc Ock, that he is not Superior, being no match for the real Green Goblin, whom the Amazing Spider-Man had beaten numerous times. Also, with the Goblin King repeatedly referring to himself as the Green Goblin more and more often, it is quite possible that it may actually be him.

Phil Urich, I presume is eventually going to betray the Goblin King, being a coward that he actually is. While he may be a villain, we can see that there is still some good in him as he expresses his concern for the stranded mole they planted in Spider-Island.

The team up in this issue, which is what this issue is all about was also fantastic. I love how Daredevil and the Punisher are working together with Spider-Man, while still keeping their distance, knowing fully well that something is not right with him. They also portray Punisher as more superior to Spider-Man, being able to detect that someone was aiming at his head, while Spider-Man and Daredevil were not.

Overall, this was a great start to what I hope will be a great final story of the Superior Spider-Man!

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