Deadpool vs. Carnage # 2

Posted by Jesse 19 April 2014

When last we visited Deadpool, he was inspired by divine intervention to seek out and destroy the crimson lord of chaos: Carnage.

At first encounter, it seemed Deadpool had things all sorted out and would be able to put Carnage away with relative ease but, lo and behold Deadpool never calculated that Carnage would have backup, let alone the super charged, sonic blasting, she devil: Shriek. Now we rejoin the fight with Deadpool at the mercy of his adversaries. Will he be able to battle back? Find out below.

Scene of the crime: Carnage gets busy torturing D to the P, and demands to know how DP was able to find him. DP retorts that they are just like “kissin cousins” implying that they share a very similar thought patterns. Carnage resolves to tear him apart while Shreik cheers him on. Deady responds by asking Carnage if he enjoys music. Puzzled by the query, Carnage falls prey to Deadpool’s attack of sound blasting from his conveniently attached speakers. Carnage comments that unlike his dear ole dad (Venom) he is a lot less vulnerable to frequency. Nevertheless the sound waves prove to weaken Carnage enough for DP to pull out a trump card: Incendiary Grenades. Booyah !
DP triggers the explosion sending the dastardly duo of Carnage and Shriek retreating to safer ground.

DP regroups his efforts to pick up a nearby weapon stash However, as fate would have it DP was previously too busy to pay the storage bill, resulting in his stash of goodies being sold to the highest bidder. DP travels to the address of the new owner with the intention of persuading him to relinquish the deadly toys. Fortunate enough for DP, the new owner is already keen on the idea of helping DeadP carry out his war on Carnage.

Fast forward to: Carnage and Shriek stuck in traffic when all of a sudden DP gets the drop on them in an oversized landscaping unit grinding their front hood into shrapnel.
Shriek hits the windshield face first and Carnage has no choice but to jump onto his assailant and forcibly extract him from the landscaping vehicle. Form there, they both prepare to assault each other once more.

You really have to look at this series as an excursion. This is just the kind of wild goose chase you should expect DP to pursue in his spare time. As for Carnage, he is perfectly content with touring the countryside wherever the wind may take him. So, if you were expecting some detailed, story driven escaped, you were barking up the wrong tree. These characters tend to yield short sided melees as opposed to all out quests for enlightenment and greater good.

Having said that, I can’t help but feel this issue didn’t go anywhere. It added very little to nothing in terms of upping the ante.  The fact that the situation didn’t become more intense or complicated, the plot didn’t cover new ground, and the conflict was interrupted midstream, left me feeling rather unsatisfied.

In a versus series the one thing I expect to see with each new chapter is an increase in scale: Scale of the drama, violence, power, action or something of the sort,  but this just felt like a mandatory part 2 leading towards a uneventful part 3.

Really the only things moderately pleasing here, are the spontaneous quips and charismatic gestures of Ser Talksalot aka Deadpool. This makes me wonder if writer, Cullen Bunn was just looking for an excuse to ink his Deadpool jokes. I’m willing to give him another chance to debunk this with the upcoming part 3 of this affair.

Hopefully, we see some type of up scaling of interests, and re shuffling the deck so to speak. Pleaaaassseee !   I don’t want to gas out on this up hill ride so soon.

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