Part Five is out of our list of things we learned from the Superior Spider-Man seriesWhile this number might sound a little sarcastic, it is every bit true based on what we've been reading about Mary Jane during the Superior Spider-Man run. 

5. .MJ can sense Peter's spirit
It's fair to say that one of the most aggravating aspects about the Superior Spider-Man was how the people who were closest to Peter, even though they noticed he was acting like an arrogant and temperamental jerk, they never really questioned why he was acting like this. 

One of them was also the one person who, by all accounts, should know Peter better than anyone else in his entire supporting cast--Mary Jane Watson. Yet how could this woman who has known Peter's secret identity since the beginning, has been one of his long-time love interests to point where they, before the "One More Day" retcon, were husband and wife, and has been able to see through villains disguising themselves as Peter in the past, including Kraven the Hunter and the Chameleon, not even suspect that “Peter” might not actually be Peter? Well, as number five on our countdown states, it's apparently because MJ can sense the presence of Ghost Peter.

And now you readers are probably going, “Um...what?!

You see, MJ knows full-well that “Peter” has been acting strange and behaving nothing like he used to be; but, as she explains in Superior Spider-Man #10, she still felt “a hint—a spark—of the guy [she] used to know.” She reiterates this in Superior Spider-Man #25, saying that “no matter how weird [Peter] acted, [she] always felt that, deep down, [Peter] was still [Peter].” When it appeared that Otto had erased Peter from his mind in Superior Spider-Man #9, the next time MJ saw “Peter,” she felt nothing but a sense of “dread.” And when Ghost Peter returned in Superior Spider-Man #25, MJ felt that “Peter” was back, even though Otto was still in control.

So yes, even though she cannot see, hear, or even know that Ghost Peter exists, MJ is still intuitively aware of his presence. Why? Because, as explicitly stated in Superior Spider-Man #2, she and Peter are soul-mates. And it's because she can feel Ghost Peter is also the reason she hasn't been able to see through Doc Ock's ruse. Who knew that all those years being in a relationship with Peter would have given MJ a “Parker-sense”?

-written by Mike McNulty aka stillanerd

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