Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 12

Posted by bulletproofsponge 29 April 2014

This will be the last review for the Superior Spider-Man series, featuring Doc Ock as Spider-Man. In Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 11, we learned that Doc Ock and Norman Osborn had once teamed together to kill Spider-Man.

In an attempt to get Doc Ock more motivated however, the Goblin infected Ock's ex fiance with a deadly illness!

The story

This issue begins with Doc Ock recalling some good times he had with his ex fiane - Mary Alice.Upon realizing what the Goblin had done, Ock takes out all his anger on him and begins beating the Goblin relentlessly! However, the more he beat the Goblin, the less he felt anything at all. Ock, had fallen right into the Goblin's trap, making him become heartless.

Otto eventually, finally stops beating the Goblin when Mary Alice wakes up, wondering what he was doing in the hospital. Before Ock can give a valid explanation, she passes out! Both Ock and the Goblin were then forced to flea as Spider-Man reached the hospital.

From that moment, Ock devoted his life to find a cure for Mary Alice, but eventually failed when she died. Furious, Ock goes to see Osborn to kill him, but finds that he had boobie trapped his residence, and presumably left ( though we later find out he was just hiding ).

Unable to find Osborn, and realizing that he would not be able to physically kill the Goblin, he leaves a message to Osborn, stating that as part of his revenge toward the Goblin, he swears to kill Spider-Man before the Osborn, to vastly hurt his ego!

As such, Ock now had double a reason to kill Spider-Man. Doc Ock, wore his own physical body out trying to kill Spider-Man out of revenge towards the Goblin for what he had done to Mary Alice. As such, Spider-Man's countless battles between Ock and the Goblin was, not more than a competition between the two.

Recalling how he would at any day give his life to save Mary Alice, Ock, as the Superior Spider-Man did not hesitate to trade places with Peter Parker to save Ana Maria's life.

At the end of the issue, Peter Parker is back in his own body, and holds a certain respect for Doc Ock, realizing that at the end of the day Ock eventually stopped thinking with his mind and began thinking with his heart.


This single story changes the reader's perspective of Doctor Octopus and his actions. As a reader, we now realize that Ock, was not actually a person filled with mindless hate and malice only wanting only to destroy Spider-Man for no good reason. Instead, his reasons for getting at Spider-Man was fueled more by his hate for the Green Goblin, and his determination to insult the Goblin's ego by robbing him of the satisfaction of killing Spider-Man.

Doc Ock once had happiness with the woman he loved and the Goblin took that away from him ( although he did break up with her on his own).

In this issue, and the last, we learn that Ock had initially wanted to be the greatest scientist in the world, using science to take out Spider-Man! The Goblin on the other hand was the insane villain, with no compassion, whose only goal was to fill Spider-Man's life with hurt and misery, and eventually kill him.

Knowing fully well what the Goblin was capable of, it is no wonder that SpOck decided that it was not worth to risk Ana Maria's life to prove that he was a Superior Spider-Man than Peter. He had already come to terms that he was not Superior when he began losing the battle against the Goblin. Not wanting to lose another loved one at the hands of the Goblin again, Ock quickly gave up the mantle of Spider-Man and gave his new life up for Peter to return to his body and save Ana Maria.


At the end of the day, when it comes to comics, nothing is ever set in stone. There is always a backstory to a character that we didn't know about ( the clones, Gwen's affair and her kids, spy parents, and most recently - a new person who was bitten by the radioactive spider that bit Peter, what?!)

On a side note, we're doing a list of things we learned from the Superior Spider-Man series, and had the list not been put together before this issue was released, this point about Doc Ock's reason for wanting to kill Spider-Man would certainly have made the list!

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