Deadpool vs. Carnage # 3

Posted by Jesse 13 May 2014

Deadpool vs. Carnage # 3

It’s time for another rip rousing round of combat. Time for some merciless marvel mayhem. It’s round 3 of Deadpool vs. Carnage and the chaos is bound to pickup.

Last time DP upped the ante on Carnage by plowing over his Ferrari (with him in it)with a combine. Now the action has given way to the streets ,causing a stand still in traffic. Will DP finally be able to bust a cap in the gruesome monstrosity? Or will Carnage spill his guts? ( Cue: Let the bodies hit the floor) .

WARNING: This issue contains: Vehicular Manslaughter, Impaling, Redrum,Rednecks,stuffed doll violence,reckless driving,TACOS,roadkill,unlicensed firearms,weird aliens,bio splatter, a missing eyeball, secret governement military ops, ghost towns, spoiled vacation plans, annoying children, no good guy to save the day, illegal use of katanas, underated art work,.etc etc...


On the highway Carnage and Deadpool are once again at each others throats. Carnie seems to have a bit of a reach advantage, but DP is doing his best to avoid all those spiky tendrils. DP goes in for the kill shot and gets a big spike for his effort. That’s gonna leave a mark. Despite taking damage to himself DP manages to run his blade against Carnage and draw some blood. That’s not the only running as Carnage seems to be rather perturbed by DP’s constant running of the mouth. DP’s whole speel involves challenging Carnage’s self inspired chaos theory ( no, not the same 1 from Jurassic Park)

DP basically says that Carnage is full of it.  This doesn’t seem to bother Carnage as he haphazardly flings DP into an oncoming semi which proceeds to run him over, smearing his intestines and fluid across the pavement.

DP is seeing red as he now has tunnel vision when it comes to motivation. He embarks on a nation wide quest to find Carnage, who has hit the road.

 Carnage resorts to hitching a ride from a family of vaction-ers looking for ghost towns.
The trip isn’t exactly comfortable for the family with their new guest of honor becoming the passenger seat driver. Carnage threatens and lambastes the mother, father and two kids, practically scaring them out of their skin before slaughtering them when they reach their destination.

Carnage & Shriek arrive at a ghost town that gives Carnage a curious feeling. As he investigates he stumbles upon a small, secret military group that he immediately massacres.

 As fate would have it, DP was tracing the same unit called the mercury squad to this exact location, only he arrives too late, or has he? Upon entering the seemingly vacant facility, DP gets torn apart once again by the red headed maniac. While laying helpless in a pool of his own remains, DP chances upon remarkable power transforming him into a very unique,and lethal Hybrid.


The situation just got a whole lot stickier.
I won’t spoil the surprise ending for you. It’s something you need to see for yourself to believe but if you’re a fan of the Spiderverse you should have been able to pick up on my clues.  It’s definitely worth seeing.

So for this issue overall, the story remainder lackluster but the violence was certainly kicked up a notch.  It was pretty wild to see DP become road kill. I’ve said before that DP is mostly a walking talking crash test dummy, a punching bag, a pin cushion, and what not for sh!+$ and giggles.  He’s the personification of a punch line, and your favorite pull string doll designed to absorb all the abuse and keep on smiling, and this series is a fine example. 

If anything, we learned that no matter how well equipped DP is, he’s still rather  out matched in this encounter. If he’s going to really going to score the big hit on the C-man he needed to level up. And level up he certainly does. In fact I think he by passed level 2 & 3 and went straight to 4.

However, DP’s oddball philosophy seems to be getting deeper under the skin of Carnage than any of his blades or bullets. I wonder how this will play out in the long run. Could it be what we call in the biz a game changer?

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