Edge of Spider-Verse # 2

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 November 2014

Edge of Spider-Verse # 2
Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman
Due to the busyness of our reviewers, we’ve been falling behind on the Spider-Man comic reviews. So…, This is my attempt to catch up.

As we know, the Edge of Spider-Verse series has been focusing on spider men of other universes. In Issue one, the story was about Spider-Man Noir, whom most of us should be quite familiar with due to his appearance in the games and other media.

This issue focuses on a brand new character (as far as I know) – Spider-Woman aka Gwen Stacy. In this reality, Gwen was bitten by a Spider, and Peter died trying to become a hero like Gwen by experimenting on himself , becoming the Lizard.

Gwen also belongs to a rock bank of which MJ is the lead singer. Captain Stacy is still alive and is on a serious hunt for the vigilante, Spider-Woman.

We also see that Matt Murdock of this world works for the Kingpin, who wants Captain Stacy dead. He hires Aleksei, presumably whom we know as the Rhino, (though he does not look like the Rhino) to do the job.

Aleksei attacks Captain Stacy at Gwen’s concert. Gwen, being Spider-Woman and stuff, unfortunately was late to her own concert. She comes just in time however to see her father attacked by Aleksei. She abandons her band and changes into her alter ego.  Though having trouble fighting the giant man at first, she finds her footing as she beats Aleksei to the drumbeat of the music.. if there was a drumbeat ( she was supposed to play the drums but abandoned her band members)

Aleksei is obviously confused as to why Spider -Woman is preventing him from killing her biggest enemy. Upon finishing up with Aleksei, Captain Stacy comes up behind Gwen and tells her to freeze, threatening to shoot. At gunpoint, Gwen takes off her mask to reveal her identity to her dad. Captain Stacy allows her to leave before he comes to his senses.

From a distance we see Spider-UK , from Amazing Spider-Man # 7, observing his potential candidate to help with the fight against the Inheritors.

Obviously, Gwen was always a much loved character among the fans. She has been brought back to life several times after her death but has never truly been the same Gwen we read about. Once again, we have another version of Gwen, who is not the damsel who died, but is the actual hero instead.

A slight change of character, instead of the same old boring Peter Parker who became Spider-Man. Since this review is so late, we already know that this Gwen will be getting her own spinoff series, even after the Spider-Verse event.

At this point, there are two teams of Spider-Men being assembled, one led by Spider Ock, and the other by Spider-UK. While Ock has great team members like Spider-Man noir and Miles Morales, his team’s core members (not all of them) lean more towards the darker side, and are ready to kill if they must. Spider-UK however has a team of full on good guys, as we will see in time to come, and Gwen would be the first to join.

As for the costume, it was great to see a variant costume for a spider girl, instead of a similar version of Mayday’s costume that seems to be more popular among the spider girls.  Personally however I would probably not be too interested to follow such a series, as I am not a fan of alternate universes that have variations of the same characters and stories.

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